Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh Hell, Yes.


  1. I'm so happy somebody came up with this. "Skate Or Die" is a great song but I was hoping this would have the video. And now it does. Kody Templeman is my guitar god.


  2. Cool!

    I have been playing "They Came From the Shadows" almost daily since yr MRML-22 post. I think it's overtaken "Warning Device" as my fave...

    Any plans to see them in April?

  3. Great stuff, but sometimes the singer sounds like he's going to launch into a parody of Misfits-era Glenn Danzig. Maybe they'll take him on too.

  4. Emerson
    Yeah "Skate or Die" is fun but this one is really well-done. For once I'm hoping for some video to go viral!

    Glad to have convinced anyone to listen to more TB. Do you like the Lillington's albums? Death By Television destroys! I'm planning to go see TB if I can. I contacted Fat Wreck-Chords Canada and they're considering an interview for my University paper. Sketchy but promising.

    This video reduces us long-winded bloggers to monosyllables doesn't it?

    Yeah for some reason pop-punk bands rarely have Misfits-influences (despite their killer song-writing). That's one thing that makes TB stand-out.

  5. Horrible blog. Just a shallow consumerist thing without the slightest bit of interest for the music, the bands, the times. You really shouldn't do that. It's a waste of others people's talent.

  6. Haha. Pankerijada left the same comment on my blog. Funnily enough the last post there was copied from wikipedia.

    Jeff, since this is about a newer band, have you checked out the cannomen from Nashville? They have a sound somewhere between The Descendents and Black Flag. The songs on their myspace page are great.

  7. Attention !!!
    If you see this comment on your blog or something like that:
    "Horrible blog.
    just a shallow consumerist thing without the slightest bit of interest for the music, the bands, the times.
    You really shouldnt do that
    its a waste of others people talent."

    That is not pankerijada's comment, we are not assholes who have no social life and leave comments like that one, pankerijada loves people who support the scene and care about punk/rock/metal etc. To the guy who post's those comments i must say fuck you man, find some social life and leave pankerijada alone! CHEERS

  8. Chris
    See above comment, which does confirm one of my possible theories.
    The Cannomen sound tough, I like "Video Days" a lot. Good call.

  9. awesome video and song. I kind of forgot about this one until Koop brought it up the other day. The video is steller. Im going to have to play it next time I DJ.

  10. As soon as I saw it I thought of you and Koop. Killer video and song, which is a rare combination

  11. I now have some Lillingtons, and while it has it's moments, I am decidedly more into Teenage Bottlerocket*.

    Can't say I've ever been into theme/concept albums, but 'Hooked On You' is definitely my fave, followed closely by 'You're The Only One'...

    I missed out on a lot of good stuff in the past few years, apparently.

    Cheers for the tune tips!

    (*'Mutilate Me' has 118 plays since I got it on May 19th, same as 'Hooked On You', which was added Feb 3rd, according to iTunes.)

  12. Glad to show some people how awesome this band is _ I still might like The Lilligtons more but It's gotten so close now...


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