Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mega City Four: Iron Sky

I stopped following Mega City Four after Sebastopol Road. After listening to, "Iron Sky" another of Wiz's soaring, hooky anthems, I see that I may have erred.

To hear the album from which the single derives, Magic Bullets, go visit the conspicuously concupiscent, Willfully Obscure.

Iron Sky 7"

Sadly, one of the only ways (that I know of) to support the band is to buy "Tranziphobia" from Amazon or Cherry Red Records.


  1. This group saw me through some tough times in the early nineties, me and my mate Graham followed them to loads of gigs. We met the band on numerous occasions and they were brilliant down to earth folks always had time for their fans. I was really sadened when Wiz passed away what a talent a top bloke to boot. I agree Jeff that sometimes their best work was tucked away on b-sides or e.p.s all the albums are worth owning. I have their demo tape from when they were called Capricorn One before MC4 if you want a cop I will upload it for you. Cheers for your hard work as usual mate all the best Marky.

  2. Yeah MC4 are good company for bad times (like a punk Smiths!)
    Please, please upload Capricorn One.

    I know you're burnt out on blogging but you'd write the post better than I would and I'd be honoured to post the results here.


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