Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mystery Punk Singles: The Automatiks

Did the Automatiks really even exist? These unidentified Canadian punks (not to be confused with the slightly-more celebrated Mutant Pop band, the Automatics) only released these three lo-fi songs to the world. While the Automatiks recorded for a garage-rock label and looked like a rockabilly group, they kicked it like a gang of skittery pop-art-punks. However, after their lone 1996 single, the trail goes cold. Hopefully, someday in the future, someone will pick-up up this photo-copied sleeve, place the almost-info-less seven inch vinyl on the turntable and, assuming these future archaeologists choose the B-side first, get blown away by the primitive, Buzzcocking of "Do it (like an automatik). Whatever their fate, it's plain that the Automatiks rocked, therefore they were.

MRML readers: Leave us a comment on the Automatiks (their songs, their lyrics, their whereabouts etc.)

Automatiks 7"

Thanks to Andy O. for the original recommendation long ago and Mike K. for the scans and the rip.


  1. Seems possible, I can't imagine I'd have missed them if they were from the West.

    Damn, my hope was that you'd know who they were!

  2. Well I own a cassette tape from The Automatiks, I remember I bought it at one of their shows in 1995 at Le Fouf, it's called The Automatiks Best Hits and has 8 songs.
    -Surfing Vampire
    -Electro Honey
    -Be Cool
    -Planet X
    -I'll Be Your God
    -Capt.Marc Simon

  3. Anon
    We have a break in the case! (Seems Bio may been right about them being from Mtl.)
    From what you've said, I'm gathering you still have the tape. Is there ANY way you could rip(and scan) it for us? I would post it here with full credit given to you for your awesomeness.
    Please let me know either way and thanks for getting in touch.

  4. Hi, the guitar player is my boyfriend and they are indeed from Montreal.

  5. Anon
    Hey ask the monsieur if he's willing to give me a quick history of the band to add to this post!

  6. SURE they're coming from MONTRÉAL (also LAVAL, for the bassist : Dominic Leblanc)
    The guitarist was Sébastien Houle (Houde ?)(Well known at High School for his talent)

    They were friends (at least 1 : Dominic) with my older brother and I search ALSO the mp3 from the album ending with : Capt. Marc Simon...

    I lost the tape I have (F**K !)and I dream to re-listen THEM since I'm 17 (seventeen, you know what I mean...)

    Someone said the guitarist was her boyfriend : probable (if it's true) I can buy a copy from him ?
    Or can he tell me were to find this album ?

    Please, please, please !!!

  7. I was a member of The Automatiks. There was me Sebastien Hould (guitars), Alex Boivin (vocals), Dominic Leblanc (bass) Eric our original drummer was replaced by the legendary "Pouf le clown". You guys had it right we were from Montreal circa 94-96. We pretty much wanted to sound like the usual Buzzcocks/Damned/Undertones/Ramones band. At the time were drawing good crowds at shows and our stage act was very ... Captain Sensible-ish. If someone out there reading this has pictures please do send them. At the time there was a very good punk club in Montreal called Loonies on the corner of Rachel and St-Laurent which played 77 punk all the time and hosted old school punk band concerts. This single was recorded at Dave Cooper's flat on Marieanne street(he was then drummer for the Planet Smashers). Primitive Records was actually a record store in Montreal (I am not sure if they are still operational or not) and for some reason they released garage singles. Eduardo I believe his name was really liked the stage act so decided to release this. By the time this was released we had already split as I had heard Supergrass' first album and really wanted to do something different while Alex really was leaning more into heavier stuff back then like Teengenerate. Alex joined The Spaceshits soon after and toured/recorded with them for a while. The both of us did form another mod 60's band in 2001 called The Chains. We released an album in 2002 on The Cynics' Get Hip label. Dominic the bass player joined us soon after and we then went on to record a second album with Jim Diamond from Dirtbomb and White Stripes fame in Detroit which was going to be released on Little Steven's Wicked Cool records but ended being canned because the band split.
    Anyways there are other tracks recorded from that session which I have somewhere, and also I still have the Automatiks original self-released cassette which was recorded in 95. I should probably put everything in digital format and send it you. It is just unfortunate that the sound on these recordings are horrible I am sure we were better live ! Hope I helped resolve the mystery.

  8. Thank you, Sebastien (and girlfriend!!!) for the info and reply!

    Hope to hear some more sounds from the "mysterious" Automatiks in the near future...

  9. AH-HAH!

    Sebastien - thanks for clearing up that mystery. I'm gonna re-post this with your updated info and if you'd like to send me any more recording (dodgy or not) I'll post them too.

    I can be reached at

  10. Just found a copy in Detroit. Found this post looking for info on the band. Excellent single.

    1. Glad the word keeps spreading, even if glacially.

  11. I Think The Automatiks should reform and do one more show! I was a big fan, saw all their shows...And oh yes they were awessome live. I still have a few souvenirs...unfortunately, not the tape! I think i have a flyer with Costa from pizzeria Cartier on it!

    1. Hey if you scan the poster I can be reached at:


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