Monday, January 30, 2012

Cringer: Karin (1990) Now with link!

I've heaped praise on the departed Lance Hahn before (see HERE). Now I'd like to offer up an important single from Lance's first band, Cringer. Karin was the band's only release for Lookout Records (more HERE) and came during a brilliant run of singles (the less said of their lone album the better) they put out during 1991-1992, before morphing into the darker, moodier J Church.

Your thoughts on essential Lookout Records singles or Lance Hahn or Cringer can  be left in the COMMENTS section (where you'll find the Karin 7" link)

Support Lance's Legacy: J Church Homepage J Church MySpace J Church at No Idea J Church at Interpunk J Church at Amazon J Church at Wikipedia J Church at Discogs We Love Lance Hahn page
Lance Hahn obit at Pop Matters


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  2. I am sad that I can't see a link for the 7", although each of these songs appear on the Greatest Hits Vol 1. compilation. I loved the other 7"s from this period (Time of a Little Something, Rain, Live in Europe) so hard.


  4. Thank you! RIP a fantastic songwriter!


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