Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Bonaduces: Chapter Four

The Bonaduces' (see here) first album was a long time coming. Finally though, in 1997 the tiny Toronto indie label Squirtgun unleashed the band's first full-length, 'K' is for Catherine, in then-hip format known as the compact disc (quaint as a buggy-whip now isn't it?). As per the last three releases, this one recycles a bit of the demo (the brilliant "Really Powerful Telescope" and the high-speed power-pop of "I'm the only Proof You Need") , while surrounding it with increasingly sophisticated new material. While the band still blasts out loud, propulsive pop-punk, indie-pop ballads like "We Never Close" and "All the Way from Stockholm" prove they were capable of hitting even greater heights then they had been letting on.

The Bonaduces - Really Powerful Telescope

(The band rocks out at The Royal Albert Arms some time in the late nineties.)

While singer/guitarist/songwriter Doug McLean and his ever-growing lyrical and melodic prowess looms large over these proceeding, the Bonaduces were undeniably a group. The newly-solidified rhythm section really kicks in on this album, with Bob and Chris adding ska (in the best sense of that much-maligned word) to "Beat on the Betamax" and keeping the warp-speed "Android at the Superhero Party" from raging out of control. While Bob keeps a bouncing rhythm and Koop's deft guitar figures colour every song, they also crafted memorable, intertwining backing vocals - check out "Friends with the Narc" as proof of how Koop and Bob formed the best tag-team since "Jumping" Jim Brunzell and Greg Gagne (them's the High Flyers, for those of you who missed out on the golden age of wrestling.)

The album, which always suffered with mastering issues, has been "re-mastered" by MRML (we used GoldWave to double the volume) just to save you from cranking it up so high up that later, when you play something normal, you shred your speakers.

Thanks to meltingvisa for uploading the vids!

Download 'K' is for Catherine CD (lyrics included)

(MRML recommends WinrRAR for unpacking your downloads)

Here's the Facebook page for the Bonaduces reunion show this Saturday at the Lo Pub.


  1. A "High Flyers" reference?!? You, sir, have made my week!!

  2. Thanks for the The Bonaduces post. You wouldn't happen to have this album by the pop punk band Walker?

    Walker - Actually, Being Lonely... Isn't All That Bad

  3. CPB

    I want sure who was gonna catch that reference, it's gratifying that it was not missed.

    The Fall...

    Sure, I'll post it towards the end of the month


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