Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sid Presley Experience: Cold Turkey

A desperate take on John Lennon's "Cold Turkey", another stinging instrumental, "Firewater" and another raw garage rocker, "F is for Fake" make for a vicious sophomore single from the Sid Presley Experience (see here).

Download Cold Turkey single


  1. I like these two even more than the Godfathers records. Thanks mate.

  2. Absolutely amazing post. I loved Sid Presley Experience more than The Godfathers, although their first record was nearly brilliant.

    Thanks a lot.
    Keep on blogging like this!
    Rosenkohl1977 born in 1963

  3. Mike

    yeah there's a a brute power to these singles...


    The Godfathers had their moments I just always felt they should've had more.

  4. Hey Jeffen

    Two excellent singles by SPE.I bought the first 3 albums by The Godfathers.Quite good.

    How did you like our little riot?The majority of the rioters/looters seem to be middle to upper middle class youth from the suburbs.Their parents are probably big fans of Stephen Harper(Republican Party Of Canada) and the pathetic jerk Don Cherry.


  5. Doug

    The Godfathers kept things rockin`in the 80`s.

    I was kinda saddened by the riot. Even more saddened then as I was by Vancouver`s performance in the series (it didn`t seem playoff worthy much of the time).

    Yeah I could bet all those water polo-playin`pyromaniacs are future Harper-ites.


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