Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rock Against Racism 2: More Than Just the Clash

There was more to the Rock Against Racism movement then the Clash (that link, and this one really illustrate the viciously incomprehensible factionalism of old new left.)

Some Clash-men and members of British Reggae outfit Steel Pulse (courtesy of the very informative uncarved). Here's that band's song, "Jah Pitney (Rock Against Racism)"

Another home-grown British reggae act to join with Rock Against Racism was the the Cimarons.

The Cimarons released this single, which errs towards a post-original Wailers Bob Marley groove, around 1979.

Download Cimarons Rock Against Racism 12"

And since I clearly lack the language to do true reggae justice, let's move on to some reggata de blanc.

China Street were not the Clash, in fact, as is often pointed out, they sound a bit like another UK reggae-inspired punk band, The Members. The words and the playing are a little predictable but damn this one's a grower (the b-side is the de rigueur dub mix).

Download China Street Rock Against Racism 7"

Kudos, as is so often the case, to Punk Friction who covered China Street first.

And because this is post is already so damn busy let's add some Ovenman. Ovenman was a one-man New York New Wave band and this single, the 'band's only one is from 1981.

Download Ovenman Rock Against Racism 7"

Next: Yer D.O.A.


  1. The Clash photo was taken outside Martin Webster's house, as I recall. There was also a RAR album with many of the acts featured on the Militant Entertainment tour.

  2. Kate
    I tried to find the RAR album when I was doing this post but I never did. One day...


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