Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse: The Ska E.P. (Bootleg)

So, sadly, today famous British soul-singer/tabloid sensation Amy Winehouse joined The 27 Club. A few years ago, I heard "Rehab" over at NPR (deduct 20 punk points for that!) and was struck by it, not because of my mixed feelings for neo-soul but because the song had three things that can attract me to songs across genres; a sharp hook, a negative in the lyrics of the chours (I'll try to explain that some other time) and a dark and unusual theme. When the song became an omnipresent hit a few months later I was really taken aback, I'd assumed it was too bleak to play as background music on the Weather Channel.

I never followed up my smitten-ness with "Rehab" but I did perk-up when this bootleg of Winehouse covering four ska classics began circulating in 2008.

(Sorry, no link because the British version of the RIAA is too unforgiving for me to risk posting even a bootleg)

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  1. Hey Jeffen

    Actually both her albums are quite good if you get past the messed up tabloid lifestyle.

    Presently listening to Imelda May's album 'Mayhem'.Luv Imelda!


  2. i've spent many hours defending amy winehouse's music from people who just like to talk shit about the 'inappropriateness' of a young white woman singing soul music and her tendency to self-destructive behaviour. that she got the dap-kings to play with her live and in the studio (on rehab, by the way) and that they and sharon jones remember her fondly is a lot more relevant than the usual jerkoffs who want to hurl up drug hysteria and weird racial commentary.

    oh, and for odd song moments, hunt down the video of her singing 'tenderly' on the jools holland show. she had talent (and thanks for pointing out those other covers, jeffen. i'll find them elsewhere).

  3. You can get these songs and a few more via iTunes as the "Back to Black: B-Sides" ep. At least you can in Canada. The cover's not as cool as the bootleg's though. It is worth hearing and even worth paying for.

  4. Doug
    You're right, she was a talent despite the fuck-upedness not because of it.

    I think you can recognize the things she did wrong and still say that she really deserved her success.

    thanks for the tip!

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  6. She was the most charismatic female performer in decades. Her personal stuff and media circus etc etc is a separate issue, any singer watching and listening to the way she and her voice move around should be awestruck. And songwriter people, well I can't think of anyone else who mixed smart pop culture references and poetic imagery with such wit and lyricism. When I hear her being played, any conversation I'm having is doomed. And the way she carried the joyfulness of ska should be remembered alongside her darker legacy. In my humble... o-pie-nion.

  7. I can't give much credence to her tabloid exploits (The Brit Press Suxs). All in all her music is honest, its soooo dark & depressing. Talent wise I think she's on the top end of musical talent artists that became "mainstream." At the same time i dont think she lived like some popstar & that's what made her such a target of the paparazzi. I love her stuff, great beats when you're a bit blue.

  8. Listening to Lioness as write. Honestly besides Lauryn Hill (who proved it all in 1 album) the mostly 'popular' female are shite due to songwriting. I can't vibe to beyonce, adele, even mariah is totally outdone in a smaller catalogue of releases. You can mention others of course but there's no soul to their music.


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