Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mega City Four: Shivering Sand 12" (1992)

MRML has spent so much time on neglected early nineties UK rockers Mega City4 that we;ve amassed a nearly unparalleled NINETEEN posts on the band (see HERE!). With this CD single (insanely never part of an album!) we see the band playing at the top of the their 2nd peak.

COMMENTS on the MC4 are always a good thing!! (Even though the link for the Shivering Sand single is right HERE!)

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  1. I actually own this record, comes in a poster sleeve. Bought it for £2 and never looked back!

  2. Just discovered this band through Willfully Obscure and yourself, Thanks a million

  3. Thanks for this mate :)

    I was one of those daft (?) hardy (?) fools (?) that used to follow MC4 around a fair bit back in the day and even had the honour of supporting them once when they played a gig in my home town as a tribute for some college kids who died in a car accident (including one of my best mates who had played in the band that supported that day ) :(

    They're also responsible for one of my top 5 ever gigs when they played the local indie nightclub (Timepiece Exeter), it was rammed, I was young and impressionable then. Still got a stack of their tshirts about the place too :)

    Anyhow did you source the Wallflower and Superstar singles? If not I've got copies of both (from CD Singles) in mp3 format that I can let you have?

    As for replying probably best if you drop me an email (nj_davey AT yahoo DOT COM).


  4. Vigilante
    They packaged everything so well didn't they?

    Glad Spavid and I could spread the MC4 word.

    thanks for the (sweaty) memories, this band did inspire intense loyalty didn't they?
    Spavid over at Willfully Obscure did post the singles but thanks so much for the offer.


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