Sunday, June 30, 2013

DEVO: The Men Who Make The Music [1979, HQ]

With the passing of original DEVO drummer, Alan Myers (a.k.a. 'The Human Metronome'), it's time to re chart the course of DEVO. The Men Who Make the Music is a VHS-era film that features not only a lot of the conceptual bafflegab that comprised the band's philosophical underpinnings but also a slew of fantastic live footage from their guitar-centered seventies era. Watch 'em rock:



  1. I've had this vhs tape for years,and I think it's still futuristic as hell! way ahead of their time ,still!

  2. feel very sad hearin' about Alan Myers death... I remember seein them live in Italy in june 1980,at the peak of their power,a fantastic 2 hours show,the drummer never stops between the songs,he was really a machine!I was amazed and shocked thinking how I had to improve my drumming...thanks for this old footage,it's still a pleasure to see...cheers

    1. Sounds like it was an awesome show! Yeah he was the thing that kept them grounded - big loss!

  3. What a unique band,although I dont like their stuff after 1982


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