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Fishbone: Live '89

Back in the late 80's (and into the very early 90's) a Fishbone t-shirt was to alterna-hipsters of the time what a Jesus fish on a car bumper are to Christians today, a silent, universal signal of knowingness. While this cultural tic quickly grew irritating, Fishbone at their peak were never less than awe-inspiring.

From the beginning Fishbone were always unpeggable, hence why the punk/ska/new wave/funk/psychedelic/gospel/soul/folk/jazz/metal on display on 1988's Truth and Soul was (and remains) so breath-taking. This era of the band may not be everyone's peak Fishbone but ignoring the breadth of its musical scope is, I believe, dangerous. Of course by the time Fishbone finally got to cash in on all that unspoken cool (they got to headline Lollapalooza twice!) the band's stylistic trajectory had begun to snake wildly coming to resembling a more prog-metalized P-Funk. The nineties and the aughts would see Fishbone's stock rise, fall, bottom out and then slowly begin to build once again. The future is Fishbone!

I always thought this song was just done with Fishbone, which leads to the question "Who are all those white guys?"

Fishbone Live at the Entpe in Lyon, France May 27th 1989 (Soundboard)

1. I Got a Fish
2. Skankin' to the Beat
3. Question of Life
4. Lyin' Ass Bitch
5. Ugly
6. Freddie's Dead
7. Cholly (Gonna Have a Good Time Jam)
8. Pouring Rain
9. Slow Bus Movin' (Howard Beach Party)
10. Give it Up
11. Deep Inside
12. Bonin' in the Boneyard
13. One Day
14. Ma & Pa
15. Ghetto Soundwave
16. Subliminal Fascism
17. "Simon Says" The Kingpin
18. Party At Ground Zero
19. Hide Behind my Glasses
20. Fishbone is Red Hot
21. Change

(This documentary, which as punk law dictates, contains an interview with Keith Morris, promises to be fascinating!)

Leave us a comments and tell us which is your favourite era of Fishbone!

Speaking of which, the Live '89 link is in the comments section!

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  1. .


    Some great Fishbone deserves some words back, y'all.

  2. Hey Jeffen

    The Untouchables and Fishbone.I did buy only one album by each band.'Wild Child' by The Untouchables and 'Truth And Soul' by Fishbone.I also saw both bands once live.Both good.I seem to remember the lead singer of Fishbone crowd surfing back to The Commodore Ballroom's bar.


    PS Cherry Red reissue of 'Wild Child' is excellent.

  3. i started listening to fishbone in earnest just before truth and soul. unbelievable. and as good as their albums were back then, they didn't hold a candle to the live shows. we drove all night after work to see them downstate (illinois) for spring break one year. well worth the drive and sleep deprivation.

    it seems they kinda went downhill (or at least in a direction i wasn't overly fond of), but even my not-favorite fishbone can be great...

  4. Fishbone was really fine on albums but shined live! I had the pleasure of seeing them twice and they were fantastic. I lost track of them after "Fishbone and the Familyhood Nextperience Present: The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx". Was`nt there a lot of strife within the band after this album? I seem to recall some pretty "heavy" stuff between a couple members.Can anyone elaborate?

  5. Opened for these guys once too.
    The tenor sax player kept 3 extra necks in his case because he so often bent them jumping around onstage.

  6. Fishbone was red hot. And the shows got pretty wild. Got my nose broken at one of their Fenders Ballroom shows in Long Beach somewhere around '88-'89. Party at Ground Zero is a classic classic.

  7. Can't wait to hear this! In 89 Fishbone simply could not fail. Live they were unhinged, and insanely good. I saw them a handful of times during the late 80's early 90's and for my money it didn't get any better than them. Thanks so much for posting this!
    Chris Shary

  8. Loved the "hits" by these guys ("Party At Ground Zero", "Ugly", "Ma & Pa") but never found an album I could dig beginning to end. I'll have to give it another shot...I wish I'd seen them live back in the day - I'm sure I'd still be jabbering about it!

    Speaking of excellent live acts touched by the hand of ska any Me Mom & Morgentaler coming up?

  9. thanks a skillion for the live Bone, they never ceased to amaze me and my friends when we saw them. insanely talented musicians, its nice to know they arent forgotten, Give a monkey a brain... album is a absolute killer. thanks again dr.watts

  10. Doug
    Fishbone at The Commodire would've been one hell of a show.
    Yeah, the CR re-issue of WC and it looks great.

    Even "Reality..." is kinda of a mish-mash and the albums after that seemed a bit weaker.
    Still'd go and see 'em live anytime.

    Yeah there was some cult-joining and some kid-napping plus an arrest - check the Wikipedia page for more.

    What a perfect detail to demonstrate the band's live ferocity.

    Mr. Sauve
    I think it'd be worth a broken nose to see Fishbone at their peak!

    Enjoy - it can't be as good as being there but it can still be great.

    Hmmm, that might happen - strangely all their work is out of print, unlike King Apparatus.

    True talent can never be completely forgotten!

  11. Fishbone is red hot! saw em first at the NY Ritz back in 86 - they were never less than amazing until 'Reality Of My Surroundings' which was a bit patchy. Best live band in the world, bar none. Dragged loads of folks to see them when they started playing here in the UK, they were all converted. Too much metal in the mix nowadays, but as another poster said, would go see them again like a shot. In fact, they play Birmingham next month...

  12. Great live, too much metal after the patchy 'Reality..." but still great live - entirely agree with all that

  13. Truth and Soul is by far their best album !!!!!!!!!


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