Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Senseless Things: Peel Sesions

It's hard to discuss Mega City Four (lots here) without mentioning their sister band, The Senseless Things. By the time I got anything by them, it was the toned-down major label album, The First of Too Many (perhaps a bit like hearing Sebastopal Rd. as your first MC4) so my interest in them remained low. However, I had a request for some ST's (The Thingies?, If I know the British, the band has some sort of cute nickname), so I gave a the early stuff a fresh spin and it sounded nothing but fine:

1 Passions Out Of Town
2 I've Lost My Train
3 When You Let Me Down
4 The Only One
5 Tangled Lines
6 Leo/Is It Too Late?
7 Tell Me What's On Your Mind
8 Someone's Talking 'Bout You
9 Touch Me On The Heath
10 Jerk
11 Role Models
12 Christian Killer

Tracks 1 to 4 - 27/4/1988
Tracks 5 to 8 - 21/3/1990
Tracks 9 to 12 - 20/11/1993

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  2. thanks, I hope you'll spin them more

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  4. thanks for this... i've heard bits and pieces of various senseless things songs but never really gave them a full on listening.... big ned's atomic dustbin fan, enjoy the mega city four, and, well... i trust your judgement on matters like this.

    cheers, mate

  5. Senseless Things are/were one of my favourite bands ever. The Peel Sessions gives a good overview of their career but doesn't include some of their best tracks! The First Of Too Many was the first stuff I heard but I really rate it even now (But I do agree re MC4 and Sebastopol Rd. The Things last album Taking Care Of Business got somewhat overshadowed by sh/Britpop and was a lot more grown up than TFOTM, but was an excellent record and should be available for cheap via the net. Senseless Things.com has some rare stuff to download for free too, try Driving on The Right! A massively under-rated and under-heard band, sadly missed.

  6. This a great disc the MC4 peel sessions disc is also a winner. If anyone knows where I can get the final album by Senseless Things, Taking Care Of Business, I'd really appreciate it. Also Mark Keds posted most of the hard to find Bsides on the Senseless Things website http://www.senselessthings.com/main.html

    you have to get each track one at a time but there's some rare gems for all of you completests.


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