Wednesday, February 2, 2011

R.I.P. The White Stripes (Life on the Flipsides)

So, The White Stripes have broken up. Snark what you will about the band's supposed inauthenticity, their visual gimmickry or about their becoming tabloid fodder, but Jack and Meg White were a powerful force for good in the aughts. Jack White's absolute commitment to all that is desperate, dark n' dirty in rock n' roll from pre-war blues, to rockabilly, to garage rock to punk and many points between forestalled rock's disappearance from the pop charts. Quite a feat for a duo who never had much truck with modern music.

1 Let's Shake Hands 2:01
2 Look Me Over Closely 2:17
3 Lafayette Blues 2:12
4 Sugar Never Tasted So Good 2:54
5 The Big Three Killed My Baby 2:29
6 Red Bowling Ball Ruth 1:56
7 Hello Operator 2:38
8 Jolene 3:05
9 Hand Springs 2:50
10 Party Of Special Things To Do 2:45
11 China Pig 1:25
12 Astray Heart 2:39
13 Lord, Send Me An Angel 2:31
14 You're Pretty Good Looking 1:49
15 Candy Cane Children 2:24
16 Red Death At 6:14 2:59
17 Rated X (Live) 2:48
18 Hotel Yorba (Live) 2:12
19 Lovesick (Live) 3:48
20 I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself 2:45
21 Suzy Lee (Live) 4:06
22 Stop Breaking Down (Live) 5:36
23 Screwdriver (Live) 3:44
24 Hotel Yorba (Live) 2:07
25 You're Pretty Good Looking (Live) 1:42
26 Fell In Love With A Girl (Live) 1:54
27 Fell In Love With A Girl / Little Room (Live) 2:34

Hey leave us a comment with your thoughts on the demise of The White Stripes.

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    Don't neglect to leave a comment on The White Stripes demise.

  2. I saw the White Stripes in San Diego in the early 2000,s. It was in a basketball gym and Jack and Meg filled the space with glorious noise. One of the best shows I ever saw! They will be missed.

  3. Did not know they split.... Sad, Jack wrote some of the best songs of this period in music history. Songs I know will be covered by many bands/artists in the future. Chris Thile's bluegrass cover of "Dead Leaves..." is truly fantastic. The Joss Stone version of "Fell In Love With.." on her Soul Sessions was not have bad and done in a completely different genre as well. There's a few others I've heard just can't think of them now. A sad day indeed.

  4. This is sad news indeed but they leave behind a great body of work, and we'll hear much more from JW in the future. Thanks for posting the collection.

  5. the minority opinion:

    No great loss. I tried very hard to like them but could never get beyond the self-conscious artlessness... they were not true outsiders like Hasil Adkins, The Ledge or the Shaggs & never channeled the raw roots of rock as successfully as the cramps or flat duo jets or Jeff Lee Pierce or Dave Alvin. It's a shame because their side projects showed they were immensely talented & had a great record collection.

  6. sorry skip, i didn't know they were trying to be "outsiders". and the only true outsiders you mentioned were the shaggs, and the reason they were outsiders were that they were AWFUL. seriously. i cannot believe anyone would seriously think to themselves, "wow, i really need to hear the shaggs right now". ergo, they are so awful that loving them in and of itself is arty pretentiousness. they don't even keep a proper BEAT. the white stripes were a band i desperately wanted to hate but could not. they are awesome. i would hardly dislike them because they had an "image". i would rather a band think about how they looked than being oppositely pretentious, acting like they didn't care and wearing t-shirts and jeans. they call that GRUNGE, didn't they? rock and roll is supposed to be entertaining. would you have called little richard pretentious?

  7. Ugh.

    First song I heard on this was some Auto-Tuned™ shit...

    Good riddance!

  8. Looking at all the comments, there's some seriously strong reaction to this post....everything from "I saw 'em before they were cool" to "I'm too cool for AutoTune."

    I wonder what woulda happened if they'd stopped after the Sympathy albums???

    Also: thankx for putting this up there, AutoTuned or not! I think it's an interesting career retrospective on a band that not only grew from the garage rawk scene but also had a huge effect in generally lifting up the level of the rest of their generation of MTV rawk bands (remember Jet? They had at least one good song, and it was good enough that you'll still see strippers working to it -- a welcome rest stop after a non-stop nekkid girlz playlist of T Pain and Lil' Jon and Lil' Wayne and....)


  9. It was kind of plain that the band was finished when they cancelled their last tour midway. Yesterday's announcement clears the way for a reunion.

  10. I'm a l;ittle old to havce been there when they were unknown & cool; I came to them a bit later. After a while it was impossible to ignore the press they were getting in Mojo. Q, Select, etc. Then someone loaned me a Jeff Beck bootleg to copy that had a bunch of early Beck/Stewart stuff & a set of Beck doing Yardbirds'songs live with the Whites Stripes. It wasn't in the right key for Jack to sing in but it didn't matter as they made it happen and Beck soared obviously having a great time deep in the spirit of good fun and enjoying every moment with The White Stripes. I was a fan thereafter, and have enjoyed Jack & Meg's fairly unique take on Rock 'n'Roll. In fact it seems that everyone and his brother are doing the guitar/drum thing these days. Guess The Flat Duo Jets knew that if Buddy Holly could do it, why not The Black Keys and Cashman?

  11. I always felt The White Stripes would put together the most enjoyable "Best Of" package of the early 00's "revival" bands (The Strokes, The Vines, etc.) Hopefully some of these B-sides make it if/when that happens.

  12. What a drag. Cancelled a tour midway? Anyone know why they broke up?

  13. Michael
    I'll always regret missing them, here in Wpg.

    Yeah a Nobody sings the White Stripes like Jack White compilation would be pretty sweet...

    A well-expressed opinion (minority or otherwise) is always welcome here.
    Nice props to JLP by the way.

    Thank you for speaking out against The Shaggs Cult, a phenomenon I've never been able to fathom.

    There'll be no mourning from you today!

    Thanks for adding some good banter to the comments section and as I said above I love strong opinions, as long as it's not just trolling.

    Nice to see all the love for the Flat Duo Jets (but sadly not Canada's Deja Voodoo) here.
    Thanks for the tip on hte Beck/White duel!

    I'd get that WS comp (As long as it has "Little Room" on it.)

    I think they'd run out of energy etc. They will be back I'm willing to bet.

  14. Like their critics were completely authentic--whatever that means.

  15. Miss them already. At least Jack continues to amaze me with his musical output outside of the Stripes.

    Just wish I wasn't "birthday drunk" when I saw the Stripes play live.

  16. The WS will be missed... I remember seeing the duo at a hole in the wall joint in Seattle many many years ago pre-White Blood Cells, and Jack was like the incarnation of Jimmy Page on the gee-tar. Thanx for the music Jack n' Meg, as well as Jeffen (and heck, I'm not even downloading this one, cuz I already have it on shiny CD)!

  17. Back in 2003 when I suffered a broken hip, some good friends pooled money to rent me a TV set for my hospital room. I think I saw the video for "Seven Nation Army" three times a day for ten days in a row. They were probably the last band I got into because of MuchMusic. Another visitor bought me a copy of Spin with a story on the White Stripes in it. Therefore, after my surgery, I was going through a morphine drip withdrawal freak out, and I woke up and saw a hallucination of Jack and Meg at the foot of my bed.

    When I left the hospital, one of my first orders of business was to grab a copy of "Elephant"!

  18. Thanks
    Re WS-thanks for coming by. Good luck in the future, I am sure both of you will turn up somewhere.

  19. I love the music of The White Stripes. What a shot in the arm they were. Great to hear this comp. Thanx!

  20. the white stripes ruined my life. and i woulnd´t want it any other way... still crying about their break-up... not in a cheesy way more in a way that they were the key to all kinds of music to me: blues, rock, garage, and lots of other great things to. Maybe there are some people out there who can relate to what i am reffering.. I may be losing track sometimes with listening to music or creating such things but at the end of it all I end up sitting here and getting hit by these amazing songs who are like a fucking knife in my heart i can´t pull out.

  21. "like a fucking knife in my heart i can´t pull out." - a fine simile, good sir.


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