Friday, February 25, 2011

Joe Jackson: Aladin Music Hall, 1980

We've got a bit of Joe Jackson on the brain here at MRML (see this post as well).

This is a great FM broadcast that shows off the Joe Jackson Band at its relentless peak.

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  2. The bass player for the JJ band- was sooooooo fucking great. Probably the missing link between John Entwhistle and Matt Freeman.

  3. Jeffen

    Always good to hear some Joe Jackson even though he is kinda grumpy!

    And Nazz Nomad, Graham Maby is a fine bass player.Good to hear the bass out front.


  4. Thanx for that. The JJ-Band was so great at that time. And yes - Graham Maby is really a great bass player.

  5. 'Beat Crazy', though perhaps a bit problematic, still has great songs. Like, for instance, the title song, and the last two songs, 'Pretty Boys' and 'Fit'. But I admit, 'Look Sharp' is better, and 'I'm The Man' is probably his masterpiece.
    About that 'The Harder They Come' EP: years ago, I bought a Joe Jackson compilation for just those 3 songs (my 7" single wasn't playable anymore).
    I saw Joe Jackson live a couple of years ago: he was mainly trying out material for the album he would record later that year ('Rain'); the album would get good reviews, but I must admit that, at the concert, the older songs sounded better. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for his new songs.

  6. "Volume 4" is a really, really good album featuring all of the JJ band ("Afterlife" showed the still had the chops, too...)

    I though "Rain" suffered from the lack of guitar, though.

  7. Thank you! The power of this line-up cannot be denied! Total war!!!

  8. Thanks so much - such a great band!

  9. Jeffen, it needs to be noted that you have exceptionally good taste in music (well, taste that is very similar to me own). Thanks for sharing so much wonderful material. I am always amazed at what gems you uncover. Three cheers!
    Chris Shary

  10. Joe is a terrific talent and continues to be fun. If you haven't check out his autobiography that he put out a few years ago - you can probably buy it cheap on Amazon used.

  11. Great ! Thanks a lot. This is really cool stuff.

  12. A fabulous period from Joe Jackson. Thanks so much for sharing this! I became a fan later on, so never got to see him back around this time, alas.

  13. Thanks for this, but if you look at the credits there's one song missing: I Can't Give You anything, the last one. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Haven't listened yet, but as a huge fan of JJB, thanks. Although I knew of Joe Jackson, I did not really know his music until I heard "Afterlife" 4 years after it came out in 2004. This live performance is a tour-de-force and literally blew me away. I was so shocked that I wondered how the hell I had missed out of Joe Jackson since 1979 when "Look Sharp!" first came out!! Well, honestly, the Look Sharp! album itself, while great, does not leave me thinking this is one of the greatest songwriter/composers of all time, one of the great rock-pianists, and one of the tightest bands of all time. "Afterlife" is even more impressive considering the body of work it covers and the intensity with which it does. If you are a fan, Afterlife is a must-have.
    "Summer in the City: Live in NY" is also good, but for me not every track like Afterlife. I have not heard the other live albums.
    Unfortunately, quality video of JJB performances are non-existant as far as I know.

  15. Nazz/Doug/Anon
    The JJ band and Maby in specific were really crucial to his success as anyone can plainly hear.

    I really do like Beat Crazy even if it isn't as spot-on as the first two.

    yeah "Volume Four" was a good come-back album.

    Total war! Amen


    Thanks for the compliments on our shared taste!
    Hopefully I'll keep finding gems for you.

    I read a good chunk of it in a bookstore good stuff.

    Anon I/II

    This upgraded version was missing that song - I'll see what I can do about finding it though.

    Anon IV
    I'll check out "Afterlife".


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