Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Someday I Suppose

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones odd-ball stew of 2-Tone ska, Boston HxCx and seventies hard rock didn't always suit everyone's taste but the band really grew throughout the nineties as song-writers and performers and were a surprise, if short-lived entry into the pop charts in the 1997 with "The Impression That I Get".

This 1994 single shows off Dicky Barret's, whose throaty bellow can divide listeners, increasing lyrical sharpness and the band's ability to arrange a song to life.

Whaddya make of these here Bosstones? Leave us a comment

Speaking of comments, the Someday I Suppose link will be found there.

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  1. .

    Bosstones fans

    if you want some big, fat Bosstones rarities next

    leave a COMMENT!

  2. Odd-ball stew is right.

    I had a listen to 'Let's Face It' for a couple times and quickly go rid of it.

    Goldfinger was where I was at in 1997.

  3. hey we're connected!

  4. i always liked the bosstones.i first saw them live in late '93 and after a two week stay in hospital it was a real pick me up.always brilliant live and always good to listen to.ive got the vinyl of this and its great to get an mp3 version.cheers jeffen.p.s id love to hear the rarities posts mate!

  5. nuthin' wrong with these guys (except they're from Boston :-) )

    and they have great punk roots- (they covered a Stiff Little fIngers song) - and Barre's wearing a Stormtroopers Of Death cap in the vid!

  6. Was standing in a Dunkin in Somerville one afternoon and realised the cool guy standing in front of me was none other than Dickie Barret. Probably my only celebrity sighting ever and always thought it was perfect in the sense that I saw a guy that I find synonymous with New England in a Dunkin' Donuts.

    Bosstones - they were OK. Some good songs. A lot of filler. Seem like straight up awesome guys though and I respect how much they support Boston.

  7. Bio
    "Here in My Bedroom" rocked pretty nice but other than that I can't remember much about GF

    Yes, indeed.

    I will do the rarities post in just a bit. It was your old Bosstones post that got me thinking I wanted to post some of their stuff. It just took a year till I found the right spot!

    Their cover "Tin Soldiers" kicked ass, especially live.

    Love the vignette.
    And yeah filler was their worst sin - even their best releases were weighted down with it.


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