Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mega City Four: B-Sides & Rarities

I sold all my Mega City 4 CD's during an epic purge back in the mid-90's and it remains one of my most regretted transactions. (For looooots more MC4 at MRML go here)

Now, in celebration of regular COMMENTER CallPastorJekface (who did our guest post on the band's Sebastopal Rd., which earned over 500 D/L's!!) finally tracking down a copy of Terribly Sorry Bob let's give a listen to this bootleg collection of MC4 B-sides (where some of their best songs were relegated to).

Leave us a comment with your take on the MC4!!!

Speaking of the comments section, that's where you'll find the link for B-Sides & Rarities

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  1. .

    If you would honour us with some words on the MC4, I would take it as sign that you wanted to hear more of the rare stuff!

  2. Nice post Jeffen. I too did the same thing. Sold all my MC4, Senseless Things, Manics, Leatherface....REGRET! I had it all digitally and just felt it was redundant. Stupid me. I am downloading this right now. Thanks for the link!

  3. So what was the first thing I did after checking out the video portion of your post? Why, go to Amazon to check out the availability and pricing of MC4 singles, that's what. Yes, I am insane.

    Thanks for the shout out once again (and getting me on the road into Mega City to begin with)!

  4. One of the finest bands ,Ihave had the honour of seeing and meeting at various points around the U.K.
    Tranzophobia occupies a secial place in my hart as does Wiz R.I.P.

  5. nice collection! thanx!

    i wolud never sell any record. neither mc4 nor anything else.

  6. Still have all my mega city 4 records happy days dancing around in Leigh Woods near Bristol with the lads listening to them on Robs ghetto blaster.

  7. ahhhh, my favorite era of pop punk- when all the great pop punk bands had long hair and looked like they should have been in a metal band (Hard-Ons, Mega City Four, Doughboys, Big Drill Car, Soulforce Revolution era 7 Seconds) my mind it doesn't get any better than that era.



    p.s. here is a great mega city four influenced band from my area- good friends too. Here is their cover of Android Dreams from 1998 or so....

    if you like mega city four- you might check out some of this bands other stuff....

  8. LB
    "Regrets I've had a few". Yeah digitization was one of the reasons but there were many...


    "Stop" here we come!

    Glad to hear from those who supported them back in the day.

    Anon II
    You are a wise man.

    Nice little mental picture there.

  9. One of my all-time favorite bands. I had the priviledge of seeing them when they came to the US back in the 90s.

  10. Met Wiz once when playing locally with post MC4 band Serpico.Had a good chat about music.Was shocked when he passed.Thanks for the MC4 bsides.Mark

  11. Awesome band saw 'em loads. They were real gents always treated their fans with respect. Sorely missed.

    RIP Wiz.

    Marky Dread.

  12. I thankfully held on to my MC4 vinyl, but need reminders like this to make me pull it out and play it once in awhile. Thanks!

  13. YB
    You are fortunate, I can only wish...

    Never heard anything good about The Wiz. R.I.P.

    "Sorely missed" is dead-on.

    We're always up for reminding you about the past.

  14. Top post - lost count of how many times we saw MC4. Great loss to music!

  15. Regrettably.
    The sound in track 9 and track 11 jumps. When the correction file can be improved, it is glad.


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