Friday, February 18, 2011

Mega City Four: Stop (Live)

So (as per yesterday's post), WHY did I sell those Mega City Four CD's? I could proffer dozens of reasons ranging from the financial to the spiritual to the practical but the clearest motivations in that case were geography, climate and history.

Y'see, I discovered the MC4 while sharing a basement apartment with my girlfriend in the wet climes of Vancouver, British Columbia in the early 90's. With the sound of grunge roaring all around me, I focused on things faster, catchier and perhaps a bit tinnier, like the MC4. I first found Tranziphobia, then Terribly Sorry Bob (my favourites!) then Who Cares Wins and the Live Album and finally, Sebastopal Rd. on vinyl, all of which I sold and replaced with CD's. I played tapes of those albums on my ever-present Walkman during a hundred downpours (mostly literal but a few more metaphorical ones) and those songs became attached to that mountainous place, that damp environment and that specific girlfriend.

So when I returned to my home in the yawning prairies, perhaps something of me got left in a West Vancouver dumpster. Maybe that loss of place and the great break-up that was soon to follow, pushed me to jettison a few necessities amongst the genuine dead weight.

Rest in Peace, Wiz - I'll correct my mistake one day.

Here's a cool live 7" from 1992, which has no overlap with the collection of rarities posted yesterday. (For Much More Megas - go here.)

Have you ever regretted something you've sold? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Speaking of the comments section, that's where you'll find the link for Stop (Live)

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  1. .

    Time to share some thoughts about the MC4 or about things that were lost.

  2. I regret I sold Ben Lee's 'Grandpa Would' CD as well as Yellow Car's 'The Code of Silence' 7" in 1996.

    And that the girlfriend before that time got the 7 Year Bitch 'Rock-A-Bye' 7" and a couple of Sassy Magazine singles and some booted Peel Sessions when we split.

    I'm sure there are more, but those ones stand out.

  3. These posts really take me back in time. Happy memories.

  4. True,we often regret what we sold or simply got rid of,but hell if i I kept it all where would I stock it?

  5. Great 7". Didn't sell it, but it's stuck up in the attic in a box, as my turntable won't play 45s at the right speed any more!

  6. One December, I found myself in desperate financial straits. I needed significant cash--now.

    Among the things I took the a record shop were Japanese pressings of every Otis Redding album.

    I still remember the crazed look in the buyer's eye as he fondled and caressed the heavy sleeves and examined the virgin vinyl under a high-intensity light.


  7. Bio
    Wow haven't thought about 7 Year Bitch for ages - poignant list!

    MRML is your time machine.

    Time for a new turntable!

    If I kept every piece of music I ever bough I'd need a second house.

    La Pizza
    My heart breaks just reading those words.


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