Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bob Marley vs. Green Day: Get Up, Hitch A Ride, 2012

Y'know back in the last decade, the mash-up seemd like a charming novelty. Then, gradually, the internet seemed to turn into one giant mash-up factory. This particular musical mash-up, by G3RSt, skillfully intersects Bob Marley's dorm-reggae standard "Get Up, Stand Up" with Green Day's punky blues-rock hit, "Hitchin' A Ride". By combining a song that you grew tired of years ago with a song many people never warmed to in the first place, this creation both creates a fascinating new thing and makes you reconsider the old things. Good work, internet.

This post comes via the excellent/culture/music/politics blog Dangerous Minds (who got it from Audioporn Central, I gather).

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