Friday, August 17, 2012

The Ramones: My Back Pages (MTV Studios, 1994)

It seems a shame that it not only took one of America's greatest bands, The Ramones (more HERE), twenty years to tackle a track from one of America's greatest singer-songwriters, Bob Dylan, but that when they finally did tackle a Dylan tune then-new bassist CJ Ramone took over vocal duties from main man, Joey Ramone. CJ's vocals do give their version an even-greater rawness than Joey's fractured croon would have but Joey, as his cover of "What A Wonderful World" would soon prove, had the better chops and phrasing to wrestle with the mighty lyrics Dylan provided.

So what we have here is a short, solid session The Ramones did in the MTV studios in 1994 that contains two classics ("I Wanna Be Sedated" and "Rockaway Beach") with one of the stronger tracks from Mondo Biazarro ("Strength To Endure") and a preview of Acid Eaters in the form of the aforementioned cover of Dylan's "My Back Pages" (which I'm guessing da bruddas learned from The Byrds).

What do you make of their
cover of 'My Back Pages"?

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  1. Be you Dylan fan, Ramones fan or both - give us your view on this version of "My Back Pages"

  2. "Acid Eaters" was a mondo disappointment.

    1. I was excited for that album when it cam down but then totally let down by it when I heard it. It was the first Ramones album I flat out disliked.
      However, I'm pretty close to giving it another listen.

  3. Thanks a Great session. As you say would have prefered to hear Joey wrap his tonsils round the Dylan song but hey ho. The one or two cover songs they did on the early albums were always great but a whole albums worth was just a step too far in my opinion. A Joey solo covers album may have been a different story though.
    Strength To Endure is one of the better late period songs - a Dee Dee song, even though he had left by that stage.
    All the best Ivan

  4. I really enjoyed "Acid Eaters"...

    It was exactly what it was supposed to be. It was a tribute to the songs that shaped their taste in music, nothing more.

    Thanks for this post.

  5. This IS a rarity... I've never even heard of this recording. Looking forward and thanks!!

  6. Great band, great tracks! Thanks for sharing!


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