Monday, August 27, 2012

Helen Love (ft. Joey Ramone): Punk Boy (1993)

A HUGE batch of Helen Love singles (rips n' scans) were donated by the amazing Bristolboy from the world-rocking blog, My Life's A Jigsaw.

Helen Love's (more HERE) career has carried on as it began; twee, obsessive and hooky-as-hell! Here's another early single, that held the attention of Joey Ramone (I'm sure he dug her tribute single too) long enough for him to come along and duet with Ms. Love on a later version of the song (included here).

Track list
A1. Punk Boy                                           2:01
B2. Punk Boy 2*                                      2:59
B2. Punk Boy (with Joey Ramone)            2:26

Side A etching: This is a crap record!
Side B etching: Unless it gets on radio 1 of course!

*A different song

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  1. Need your words to keep the Love going!

  2. It's been great to visit this site and discover Joey's work outside of the Ramones — so much more than I was aware. Thanks for sharing and keeping Joey in our hearts, minds and ears —

  3. This is fun ... fun ... fun!

  4. Very cool ! Its surprizeing this hasn't been on any comps I've heard, or if it has I miss it ? Thank You.

  5. Thanks for givin' up some love for Love, commenters!


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