Thursday, August 23, 2012

Steve Earle: More Magnetized Motherfuckers [!]

Holy Hell!
After finding a three CD's of live tracks, B-sides, promo-only songs, collaborations, duets, tribute album and compilation appearances by Steve Earle (more HERE), we learn that there is a fourth and final (this far) installment!. Thanks to MRML readers for either leaving comments on this, our most country of series, or those who just politely endured it while waiting for the nest thing to come along.


While this is obviously a fan-made bootleg, Steve Earle's E-Squared Records has released an incredibly brief 13 song rarities CD called Sidetracks, so therefore the one overlapping track here has been deleted without apology.

(By the way, Sidetracks, despite it's shocking brevity, is a critical release for all Earle fans, which is not always the case with such collections.)

1. Light In The Window (Greg Trooper) (Greg Trooper: Noises In The Hallway, 1996)

2. Love Is Never Equal (Jill Sobule) (Jill Sobule: Happy Town, 1997)

3. Losers Weep (Stacey Earle) (Stacey Earle: Simple Gearle, 1998)

4. Concrete And Barbed Wire (Lucinda Williams) (w/ Lucinda Williams, 1998)

5. I'll Keep It With Mine (Greg Trooper) (Greg Trooper: Popular Demons, 1998)

6. Open Your Window (Steve Earle) (Pay It Forward Soundtrack, 2000)

7. Neverland (Cindy Bullens) (Cindy Bullens: Neverland, 2001)

8. Candy Man (Steve & Justin Earle) (Avalon Blues: A Tribute To The Music Of Mississippi John Hurt, 2001)

9. Two Girls (Steve Earle & The Dukes) (Poet: A Tribute To Townes Van Zandt, 2001)

10. Walking Down Death Row (Steve Earle) (If I Had A Song... The Songs Of Pete Seeger Vol. 2, 2001)

11. Mercenary Song (Steve Earle, Guy Clark & Townes Van Zandt) Nashville, TN, 13-Sep-1995
(Together At The Bluebird Café, 2001)

12. Ft. Worth Blues (Steve Earle) Cambridge, England, 26-Jul-1997

13. Ellis Unit One (Steve Earle) (KGSR Broadcasts Vol. 6, 1998)

14. Goodbye (Steve Earle) (E-Town Show #9828, feed date 10-Jul-1998)

15. Hometown Blues (Steve Earle) (E-Town Show #9828, feed date 10-Jul-1998)

16. Raleigh And Spencer (Tim O'Brien, Steve Earle & Friends) Nashville, TN, 7-Jul-1999

17. Christmas In Washington (Steve Earle) Santa Rosa, CA, 2-Dec-1999
(Concerts For A Landmine Free World, 2001

18. Halo 'Round The Moon (Steve Earle) (KGSR Broadcasts Vol. 8, 2000)

19. South Nashville Blues (Steve Earle) (KGSR Broadcasts Vol. 9, 2001)

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  1. Hey feel free to leave your thoughts on this series or just a simple 'thanks' 3rl MM 4.rar

  2. Icing on a delicious cake. Thanks so much. Hours of listening pleasure by one of the all time greats. All the best,


  3. This is great, thanks. I gave up trying to keep track of his ephemera years ago. You probably know this already, but he has a nice track on the recent Guy Clark tribute album.
    best, Jon

  4. awesome. thanks!

  5. Thanks for the COMMENTS Earle-lovers!

  6. The motherlode! Thanks so much. Just can't stop listening to these great collections. I'll treasure these for years.

  7. Hi jeffen
    Nothing to do with Steve but PLEASE give me a repost of the Billy Bragg/Kirsty MacColl bootleg.......
    Regards from germany

  8. Thank you. Long winter coming up and now I've got something to look forward to.


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