Monday, August 13, 2012

Steve Earle: The Mexican Demos (1974-1979)

Here's a set of very old set of Steve Earle (more HERE) demos, predating his signing to Epic Records as a rockabilly singer in the early eighties. After watching scene below, where Earle plays "The Mercenary Song" in the company of Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, it's worth remembering that Music Row's merchants of swill would take another DECADE to get him a proper recording contract!

01 Mustang Wine
02 Juanita
03 We're From Texas
04 Old Friends
05 Songs About Mexico
06 Honey On They Highway
07 The Mercenary Song
08 Darling Commit Me
09 I've Never Really Been In Love Before
10 Ben McCulloch
11 Daddy and Me Played Swing
12 A Country Song
13 We Look Back
14 Usual Time
15 If She Only Knew
16 A Far Cry From You
17 Drive Me Crazy
18 Blues Got the best of Me
19 Halfway Home
20 I Can't Help It
21 I'm a Lover
22 I Love You Too Much
23 Hurtin Me, Hurtin You
24 Angel is The Devil


Let us know what you think of these extra early Earle tracks in the COMMENTS section!
More to come...?

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  1. Hey, I brought back the Earle, after we got some comments on the last one.
    If you want MORE Earle. leave a COMMENT! 3rl Mex Dm 79.rar

  2. Excellent.
    There is also a 17 track version with 3 other tracks.

    Disc 1
    Mustang Wine
    We're From Texas
    Tom Ames' Prayer
    Old Friends
    Songs About Mexico
    Honey On They Highway
    The Mercenary Song
    Darling Commit Me
    I've Never Really Been In Love Before
    Tired Of Being Treated This Way
    Ben McCulloch
    Daddy & Me Played Swing
    You Tear Me Up
    A Country Song

    1. Thanks for the link (and the comment!) I was originally considering posting both...

  3. Are you kidding? Everybody wants more Earle!

    1. 46 downloads and TWO comments, seems to indicate that (aside from you two - thanks!)Earle fans only wanna take and not speak up. A shame because this series is almost for sure over now.

  4. Sorry for taking so long. Thank you for Steve stuff. It is always appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the words, you might rescue the series from cancellation!

  5. I thought I had some obscure Steve, but this is gold. For awhile there it seemed as if we were going to lose you, but thankfully you're still with us and getting better all the time. I visit every day - should stop and say hi and thanks more often.

    So, hi, thanks, and keep the gold a comin'

    Jeff McKee
    Richmond, Va

    1. Other Jeff
      Hey I appreciate your comments and glad you're still enjoying the site.

  6. Dear gawd, I've been looking for this for years, having only bits and pieces of it. Coolio!
    C in Cali

  7. The outtakes/demos/alternate cd's:

    The Alternate Guitar Town
    The Alternate Copperhead Road
    The Alternate I Feel Alright
    El Corazón Sessions And Out-Takes
    Demos & Outtakes
    Magnetised Motherfuckers (3CDs)
    Mexican Demos
    More Magnetised Motherfuckers
    More Sidetracks
    Uncut Gems
    Wanderin' Eye

    1. We will get to some of those (though I wasn't clear on the sources for those 'alternate' version s).

  8. Lots of nice stuff, but the rare early Steve is amazing!!!! I've been a fan since I first heard the advance of Guitar Town. The early stuff is still the best and you've got things I've never seen. GREAT BLOG! Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the good words - more Earle to come!

  9. I also love the early live Steve. I'm still looking for that Guitar Town MCA 12" Ep with the remix. Doesn't anyone have it? Was I the only one who got it back then? (and wishin' I still had it!)

  10. thanks for the Steve Earle demos; I'm certain they will add to my understanding of and appreciation for Justin Townes' daddy.

    1. Man that's a rare kid who may become his daddy's equal as a song-writer.

  11. Woa! I love Steve Earle, but I've never listened to this early tracks. I've found a treasure here. Downloading right now. Thanks a lot, man!

    1. Lost treasures is what we're all about here.

  12. I tried to leave this yesterday. Sorry if it is a double post. Thanks for the Earleness! For those looking for even more rare Earle, an old high school friend of Steve's and former tour manager posted some recording from the mid 70s on youtube. Unfortunately, he passed away not long after he posted them. Here is the channel:

  13. Wow, what a cool find!
    I wonder if these are available as MP3's anywhere.

  14. Great stuff! The quality is a little bit "meh" but its great to hear his earlier work. I'm suprised how funky some of it is. Thanks!!!

  15. great stuff, thanks for sharing

  16. Steve is a really weird dude. Pretty much everything he's put out since about 2000 is so horribly depressing that it makes me want to kill myself.

    1. Hey, Mason glad you enjoyed (in the saddest sense of the word) the series and thanks for all the comments!

  17. I still remember my little sister bringing home Guitar Town.

  18. Been hooked on Steve for about 2 years now. I love this one and I already have this one in the collection. Wonderful early tracks


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