Friday, August 10, 2012

Mariachi Mexteca feat. Hugh Cornwell: Golden Brown

Now I'm of two minds on this one. Love that 'ole that former Strangler Hugh C. is willing to re-visit the catalog in a fitting-yet-unexpected way but also leery of this move towards becoming Hugh Cornwell and the Tijuana Brass. Whatever else, the sheer joy on everyone's face as they do this thing is sorta infectious - party with me, punker!

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Once again I'm indebted to Dangerous Minds for this one.


  1. I like that way better than the original.

  2. A good idea that's well executed. What's not to like?


  3. Maybe ready for a Taco Bell commercial now?

  4. I think it's pretty sweet. It certainly fares better than 'Dead Ringer' would have given the same treatment. Perhaps 'No More Heroes' has potential with this group; heck, Trotsky even died in Mexico.

    1. Maybe they could call themselves 'Mexican Icepick' for that version.

  5. I am slightly biased as I'm mates with the guys who made the vid, but this is easily better than the best of the mashups I've got.

    They are both musicians photogaphers and producers, so I bet is was just an excuse for everyone to have fun doing exactly what they love.
    I'll have to ask if they had a jam. I'll bet they were like two giggly school-boys behind the camera.

  6. Hey tells those guys this is great work, just a happy-as-hell musical moment perfectly captured.

  7. Great song. Hugh sounds great. The band is great. Everybody seems stoked and happy. What's not to like? The original is also in an "unlikely" musical style (waltz with harpsichord).... I remember 30+ years ago some people thought "what the hell are these guys doing???".

    1. "The original is also in an "unlikely" musical style"

      Agreed and I'll add that even in my most narrow-minded punk phase, I never disliked the song.


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