Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sack (Lillingtons, Teenage Bottlerocket): Get Wrecked (2003)

So while The Lilligtons (more HERE) were on hiatus and before he hopped onto the Teenage Bottlerocket to Russia (more HERE), Wyomingite Kody Templeman formed a one-off party-punk-rock band called, Sack back in 2003.

While the steadfastly pop-punk Lillington's switched topics from high school politics to old movies, Sack just wanted to get drunk. As the lamentably short-lived Pop Songs and Anarchy put it "All twelve songs are like the soundtrack to the greatest teen movie never made; simple, stupid and drunken (I cannot stress the drunkenness enough)." Check out the song titiles if you think either one of us is exaggerating. (Also see HERE for the Teenage Bottlerocket re-recording of Sack's "Headbanger")

1          One Helluva Party        
2          King Of The Beach        
3          Headbanger        
4          The Born Loser        
5          Bitchin Haircut        
6          Pimp Got Stuck        
7          Let's Get Blind        
8          Pool Party        
9          Rad Biker        
10         Roach Clip        
11         Stag Time        
12         Tico's Taco House        
13         The Classic

Clearview Records, 1993


To Sack or not to Sack?
Give us us your view on this most in-between 
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Update: While this CD is out-of-print, Jollie Ronnie Records still has some copies left, so if you liked this why not go BUY it HERE!


  1. Hey let us know what you make of this hard-to-find out-of-print party-punk classic !

  2. Whoah! This looks promising.

    You always hide the good stuff on your multi-post days Jeffen!


  3. Long story short. I know the guy that put out this CD. He had a couple of boxes left. I am selling them on my website for $11 shipping included. If you want a physical copy of the CD. Come get it

    jollyronnierecords dot com

  4. I couldn't find any mention of shipping to Canada here.


    I'll gladly order both a Sack CD and a Kurt Baker 7" if you ship here.

    Let me know.

  5. Sure! Just paypal an extra $2 for shipping and I'll get it to you

    1. I did the order and you can just e-mail me


      to let me know how to add the $2.00 on PayPal.

  6. any chance you could re-up this. love the Lillingtons and would love to give this a listen.

  7. you can get a copy on vinyl, we have about 25 left from the dual Lillingtons Box Set/Sack release we did last month (sorry, we're sold out of the Lillingtons Box set but we do have a TBR 8 LP Box Set coming this summer)
    ...email Clearview Records at crvwrecords@gmail.com


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