Thursday, August 2, 2012

Channel 3 Play Winnipeg!

Okay. Manitobans (hell, Northern Ontarians, Saskatchewanites and North Dakotans too), here's a chance of a lifetime as it seems the papers are all in order for legendary Cali-punk band Ch 3 to play two shows here in Winnipeg!

C'mon out if you can (or encourgae someone esle to do so in your stead) and let's make this night burn like a fucker!

For MRML's rambling on CH 3 go HERE

For show info go here

For the Stylus magazine interview with CH 3 go here

For CH 3's homepage go here.


  1. Now don't be overdoing it...

    Take it easy on that first show, and remember you have the rest of the summer to recover from the second!


    1. Hells yeah.
      Goona be a great time, as our beneficent governmental overlords have deigned to allow foreign musicians to enter our realm.

    2. A positive Labour Market Opinion?

      That is ridiculous.

      Now I can't wait for the CANCON crowd to start pushing for more "market protection", saving more Canadian jobs from the hordes of foreign musicians who cripple our music scenes!



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