Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bob Dylan: "It's Going to be a Landslide!"

When I did a post that invoked Bob Dylan, as a brief aside, in my post about music and politics (see HERE)*,  I received an avalanche of negative feedback, with one reader even going so far as to imply Dylan had become a birther!

Now it turns out that during a performance of "Blowin' in the Wind" on November 5th, in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin, Dylan said, “We tried to play good tonight since the president was here today.” Then he laid it all down, “Don’t believe the media. I think it’s going to be a landslide.”

'But he didn't say he was voting for Obama!" the Right Wing Bobbers will howl. These, of course, are the same people who tried to downplay his unusually direct praise for Obama in '08!

To be fair, I not only believe Dylan is likely incorrect in his prediction of an overwhelming victory (though I would be ecstatic to be wrong!), I also believe Dylan left himself enough wiggle-room to avoid having his words being called an 'endorsement'

However we parse his words, it seems plain that Dylan's true devotion is to his work and that politics are merely an aside.

* A couple of the comments are priceless and worth perusing!


  1. Well Mr. D was right, I thought so too based on sources other than our so called media witch I made a New Years resolution not to watch during this election year. Personally I'm more thrilled about the three women I supported because they all won !!!

    1. Yeah there were lots of less-heralded victories this year (Baldwin, Warren, gay marriage, legalization etc.)

  2. I wish our country the best and line up behind the winner. I did not vote for him but I am not going to tear him down either. That is certainly more sympathetic that the other side has been to my side. He has not had the best four years to deal with and hopefully he can gets things more on track. We are still going in the wrong direction. And Congress, get some balls and try and work together, both parties.

    1. Wow.
      "And Congress, get some balls and try and work together, both parties."
      That a tough but damn fitting conclusion to take from all this!


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