Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mr. Burns: 'Romney is Ehx-cellent!'

Who else would he endorse?

And for your further amusement:

Last but not least:


  1. I hope that you have good mental health benefits when Romney wins :)

    1. Denial is a powerful drug.
      Top Republicans are already scrambling to blame Hurricane Sandy for Romney's likely loss.

      It's still not too late to vote against the plutocrats, Rev!

  2. romney ! i saw a brilliant german tv report about romney,his money and all his connections.
    i don`t really belive in european politics - but politics in the usa....i`m shocked !
    hope the people in the usa make no mistake.HEY it is 2012 we don`t need guys like romney.

    1. It is shocking that such a high percentage of Americans will vote for someone who clearly hates them!

  3. Rev, we'll be lucky if we have any health benefits if Romney wins.

    That's right Pauli, be happy you're in Germany, not Italy. Here's how Romney screwed the Italians and cleverly avoided paying his fare share of taxes:


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