Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Fastbacks: Live In America (1988)

Another official but out-of-print live Fastbacks (more HERE) show, this one is from '88, still with big hooks, big guitars and big sadness....

LABEL  : Lost And Found
CAT NO : LF016
YEAR   : 1991

A01 Love You More
A02 Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
A03 Yesterday At Midnight
A04 Roll Away The Stone
A05 Swallow My Pride
A06 In America
B01 I Need Some Help
B02 Better Than Before
B03 Only At Night
B04 What Will They All Say?
B05 Don't Cry For Me
B06 In The Winter

All songs recorded live at The Vogue, Seattle (September, 21st 1988) and Seattle Center Mural Amphitheater (August 15th, 1988)

So, MRML readers, what's your favourite Fastbacks cover song? Let us know in the COMMENTS section!
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  1. IS there MORE rare Fastbacks to be had?
    You better believe it but we need COMMENTS to keep the ball rolling!!!

  2. nice version of 'roll away the stone'. thank you

  3. Thanks for sharing these awesome tunes! Favorite cover? I think probably Buzzzcocks "Love You More", but really the cover songs were not my favorite Fastbacks material. I don't think they added much to the live albums.

  4. Holy shit! How come it has taken me this long to hear In America....the chorus is fucking pop genius. Sorry for the swearing, but I am in love with the chorus.

    Is that ep still available for sale (like to support the band), or do I have to find a place to download it from?

    Time to go and get much more Fastbacks. I have heard them before, but never their earlier stuff. Rad. Rad. Rad.


    1. Yeah it's on "And His Orchestra" - great big commendation for that one - see the Amazon link!

  5. Due to your Fastback pushin' "And His Orchestra" has recently joined my collection. Ripping, ripping good stuff. Thanks for steering me right once again Jeffen!


    1. Yay!
      I'm always happy that you're taste in music is more open-minded than mine!

  6. Sorry for bothering, but... Is there a chance to see some fastbacks stuf re-upped, starting from this great piece of rawk-ah-rowl? Hugs from Italy. I ain't hurrying, but to have this digital will help me to spread the wisdom of this great band. Thanxx.pi


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