Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hüsker Dü: Could You Be the One?

Hüsker Dü went down fighting. While they broke up under toxic levels of acrimony after 1987's two L.P. set, Warehouse: Songs and Stories, the album is a unified victory (the writing credits are split evenly between Hart and Mould) , with twenty gloriously distorted pop songs left standing like sonic memorials.

"Could You Be The One?" was a fine single but Hart's "She Floated Away" could also have been one, if Mould hadn't got the A-sides of both of the album's singles. This 12" also has a rare Greg Norton composition, the rocking "Everytime", as well as another Hart psych-pop jangler, "Charity, Chastity, Prudence and Hope", making this a most democratic single.

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  1. Thanks for this!! If you can find the "Ice Cold Ice" 12" which has "Gotta Lotta" and a Live Medley I would be most grateful... I can't find these tracks anywhere!!!

  2. CYBTO is one of my all time top 5 fave songs.

    But one thing I HATE about good old Bob Mould is the way he fucks up the vocal melodies and rhythms, or simply perversely changes them when playing live.

  3. Anon
    Me either, I'll keep looking.

    I think if you're a generational icon from Minnesota with the name "Bob" you have to fuck up the melodies and the rhythms when you play live.

  4. True enough.

    I'm a huge Mould fan. But... damn that gets on my nerves!

    These Hüsker Dü posts have made me dig out the CDs and rock out like it's the late 80s

    Currently playing - Standing In The Rain . The version from "The Living End" where the vocals aren't a million miles from the recorded version ;-)

  5. Simply great single from a great band. This was the big commercial break through right? but there were so many fantastic tunes on their albums. "The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill" is one of my favourites. More great stuff cheers Jeff.

  6. King
    Making people rediscover their own collection is one big part of our mission here at MRML.

    It's sad there never really was any 'hit', dozens of unforgettable tunes and no radio play.

  7. one of my alltime favorite bands. Gotta say, Mr. Mould did not miss a beat with Sugar either. Too bad they broke up. Here's to hopping that Husker Du finds it in them to comeback around

  8. Kenny
    I liked Workbook and Black Sheets of rain just fine but Sugar just blew me away. Man that guy has a fuckin' gift.


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