Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hüsker Dü: Ice Cold Ice

1987's "Ice Cold Ice" was the final single from the psychedelic pop-punk double L.P. Warehouse: Songs and Stories. The song, with it's lethally incessant vocal hook, is yet another of Mould's distorted confections. Sad to say, Mould can toss off a melodic rocker like this just too damn easily for his own good, which can sometimes result in one song bleeding into the next (see the totally unavailable B-side "Gotta Lotta" as a possible example). Of course Hüsker Dü bled its last here and, twenty-two years later, their corpse is unlikely to rise from the dead.

(Here's the official video for Warehouse's first single, "Could You Be the One").

{Thanks to the incredible Hüsker Dü Database for their help with these posts.}

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  1. I saw them live in Montreal, 22 years ago to the day. In fact, I just posted on it at my own blog.


  2. Fantastic! Thanks for this!

  3. Tom
    I love those 'first underground band I saw" stories, usually the band is not as cool as Husker Du but so much the better...

    You're fantastically welcome.

  4. saw them in munich, germany in 1987- what a great band .....

  5. Another lucky punter! They played in Winnipeg about six months before I started sneaking into bars. Curses!

  6. Has anyone found the 12" B-side yet?


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