Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Undertones: Live at Rockaplast

The Undertones never sucked. However, while their last two album contain some fine moments like, "It's Going to Happen" and"The Love Parade" you can forgive fans of those first two buzzsaw pop releases for saying their sudden embrace of a pop-rock-soul, " sucks".

This 1981 concert (sound quality is near-perfect) is a fascinating bridge between Hypnotized and Positive Touch. The early material is slower, and tricked out with touches of both sixties pop and R & B while some, if not all, the newer material is faster and more rocked out. True Undertones fans will find it fascinating.

Live at the Rockaplast CD

(This lovely image is for Crozier)

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  1. Many Thanks Jeffen! A great band!

  2. You are most welcome for the greatness.

  3. Thanks for the appalling image of an otherwise splendid comp. Could that have possibly helped their sales? I'm guessing...not.

  4. Yeah, my first Undertones was Cher O' Bowlies with that Feargal dominated cover that makes them look all fey. Methinks the O'Neil boys weren't too concerned with the band's legacy in the eighties.


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