Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Like: Release Me

Chixdiggit once wrote a song called "My Girl's Retro" and today I'm going to pretend that it was written in honour of L.A.'s "Girls in the Garage", The Like.

The Like's back story involves both being the progeny of famous musical figures and having made a botched major label debut album. Their preset sound, however, is like a version of The Bangles for the 21st century. Release Me missed my 2010 best-of list (where it might've slotted in nicely between the The Sugar Stems and The Young Veins) because it was just brought to my attention by fellow Winnipeger over at Teenage Dogs in Trouble (that's a Young Fresh Fellows song, you might like to know).






  1. I have had this album for a couple months and have just now noticed that their A-line dresses spell out: L-I-K-E.

    Release Me and Square One are my faves tracks.

  2. ...And you didn't tell me about it?

    A small 'harumph' upon you for that but also a big kudos for keeping your ear close to the ground for good new things.

  3. It was through Roy, of the un-herd music's, King of Summer - Summer 2010 mix that I first heard them.

    Good stuff!

    Your comment reminds me, I need to get some more Alarm on my computer...

  4. This is terrible. Listen to The Flips, or something. Garbo's Daughter. Anything but this crap!

  5. Brushback
    But what if I like both? (or all three?)

    Bio (and Brushback!)
    Y'know it might never happen but there needs to be a group-run blog (called like "Hook of the Day" or something better) that features one new song from a fairly unknown band every day. It'd be great even if the contributors didn't always endorse each other's suggestions.

  6. Yeah, like if a half-dozen or so like-minded bloggers each posted individual songs as they felt like it... that might be cool... I mean, there's already a bunch of blogs doing something similar individually, but having a bunch of contributors might keep the content flowing a bit more regularly.

    There's probably already something like this out there, and we just don't know about it!

  7. Yeah maybe there is but I bet it's run by a bunch of wanna be Brooklyn-ites celebrating delicate folk-pop bands with animals somewhere in their name.
    Ours would be cooler (even if I let overly-wussy bands in).


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