Saturday, January 1, 2011

MRML's Biggest Hits of 2010!

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We like comments...

As I have said, alongside the number of comments and the sheer total of hits per day, downloads are on the surest ways of tracking what MRML readers want to hear. I'd love to track how much music I'd encourage readers to buy but without great co-operation from Soundscan this will have to our final measure of success:

(Click on the hyperlinks links to see all MRML posts on that particular topic!)

1. The D.I.Y. series: This legendary but damningly out-of-print series hinted that this would be MRML' s best year yet - 500,000 hits now. (For those number crunchers it's NYC at 1,112 d/l's , Anarchy I at 808 and Come Out and Play at 607 with the others being in the 500's.)

2. The Graham Parker series
I embarked on this series, strictly out of love for the man's work, not knowing that GP himself (we think) would drop by, that MRML would have a hand in financing the GP documentary and that these entries would so dominate the top of our list. (For those keeping track that's 853 d/l's for Live at Marble Arch, 782 for GP & co.'s Beatles tribute, 629 for Live at the Test, 584 for Live at Rockpalast, 573 for King Biscuit Flower Hour, 503 for That's When You Know and a few others that are still climbing the charts.)

3. The Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan series #1 sits at 766, #2 at 646 and #4 at 552 and these numbers are gonna grow in the new year.

4. Devo Hardcore
#1 is at 722 and #2 is at 523

5. Social Distortion: Lost Tracks
A great series overall, this particular volume netted 650 d/l's.

6. The Powerpearls series
#1, as is often the case, tops out at 610 while the rest also did well.

7. Bruce Springsteen: How Nebraska was Born
With three posts in a row on Nebraska this one came out the most popular with 608 d/l.'s (though our own compilation Nobody Sings Dylan Like The Boss post ratcheted up a respectable 507!)

8. Talking Heads: Berkley '79
I remain surprised that this particular boot got so high (604 dl's!) but am delighted nonetheless.

9. V.A. Big Beat Beach Party
Another surprise entry here as this is a garage/surf-rock (and it's an incomplete rip to boot!) but it hit 565 d/l's.

10. Split Enz: Luton Tapes
503 d/l's for this lost joy.

As for comments, Springsteen takes first and second (How Nebraska was Born with 59 comments, Alone in Colt's Neck with 49) Powerpearls # 1 got 39 comments, Split Enz got 35, Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan #1 registered 30 comments, Springsteen took the middle with Nebraska Live and Nobody Sings Dylan Like the Boss getting 29 responses) The Police BBC Sessions (which mysteriously disappeared from Mediafire) and Billy Bragg's Mermaid Avenue Demos also garnered 29 apiece and let us not forget the 28 comments for our Chumbawamba live post.

A lot of our series generated great commentary, though perhaps more spread out, like the Fastbacks, Patti Smith, Big Country, Dr. Frank and Joe Strummer ones but of course I'm proud of all those wordy ones.

Now it's your turn, what was the best MRML post of the year by your reckoning?

The proprietor of this blog appreciates feedback, possibly due to his rampaging ego but even more so due to the fact that feedback inspires better posts! So if you wanna tell me what posts got you to appreciate something new or old I'd love to hear it, if not thanks for reading this far and have a great 2011!!


  1. i particularly enjoyed the parker stuff, really brought be back.

    but i like everything you put up and stop here everyday.

    keep up the great work!

  2. @ Crimewave - seconded and we also stop here every day but first time for a comment - i think

  3. i'm going to have to go for the New Model Army... although i love when you mention those bands from my past... like the It Came From The Pit compilation - so happy about that... enjoy reading a lot of your posts... the soul asylum ones were good... and then the ones that just make me laugh - doug and the slugs - oh the memories.....

  4. I thought the Big Country stuff and the recent strummer stuff espec the firemans benefit gig superb but loved all the stuff really!

  5. I loved the Spunkstains compilations and the DIY ones best.

  6. I agree with Anonymous ... I like everything you post. I particularly like the Top 33 songs, but would have liked a download rather than lots of links. (Last year's list sat in my auto-repeat for awhile.)

  7. powerpearls and spunkstains would be #1 and #2 for me. the rarest stuff. the best in my mind.

    my records are in storage far far away from Korea, where I live. And these posts made my day because it reminds me of the comps series i left behind at home and all my 45s.

    keep up the great work and happy new year.

  8. Commenters, thanks for dropping good words, it's nice to be reminded that the less 'popular series (Spunkstiains, Strummer, NMA, Big Country) are just important as the others.

    P.S. Anon: I considered doing a a podcast of the Top 33 but with all those recent releases I'm scared of getting a DMCA take-down order (I've gotten three in my three years here).

  9. Jeffen

    I was very disappointed to see that the Doug and the Slugs series did not make the top ten.Shoulda been 1000 plus downloads!Doug Bennett has been gone over 6 years.One week after his death we lost John Peel.

    In a much brighter note 'Happy New Year Jeffen '.Rock on!

    Doug(not Bennett)

  10. Am I only supposed to pick one favourite? DIY, Split Enz, and Police were all great, as is new stuff like The Biters. I appreciate it all. Send me a jpg of your banner if you can, I wanna plug yer blog in a post on mine.

  11. I love the Powerpearls series; missed the DIY series, but shall selectively grab some now.

    Also love the Strummer & Parker stuff; am burned out on Springsteen & Dylan boots & outtakes & covers.

    Thanks for all of yor efforts!!

  12. Jeffen:

    Nobody sings Dylan like Chairman Parker... Thanks

  13. CallPastorJerkfaceJanuary 4, 2011 at 10:44 AM

    I'm going to go with New Model Army and The Young Veins as posts of the year because, quite simply, I read the posts, listened to a couple of songs by each and went out bought the albums.

  14. Doug
    Yup that's what this space is for - to mention the series that didn't top the D/L chart but brought some damn joy to the world. Thanks for adding your voice.

    Can't yet figure out how to copy the banner but I'll keep at it.

    Glad you dig what we do and thanks for all your great posts (my nominee for the bets would be your exhaustive Jeffry Hatcher post!)


    Glad to hear some people sticking up for the new stuff I post (as well as digging the old stuff I exhume).

  15. I like all things that I find here, for sure. The NSDLD Collection I can not find anywhere else. Any chance of getting the missing volumes?

    Tank you and a very good new year.


  16. Pepe
    It always heartens me when people like all the different strains that run though this blog (folk, punk, pop etc.), so thanks.
    Never fear the NSDLD series resumes on this week and we will carry on through number 32 (and beyond!)

  17. I still like the Powerpearls series and have been slowly going through them, inbetween other downloads, and still think #3 is the best.

  18. Postmaster
    Great series and more like it come!


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