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Motörhead: Keep Us On the Road (Live '77)

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This one is for Biopunk, just 'cuz.

Yeah, generally speaking, I despise heavy metal and each and every one of the ten million meaningless micro-genres it has spawned. I could try to defend this loathing (I have before and will again) but slandering a long-lasting, wide-spread genre of music is hopelessly immature and utterly pointless. Really, if the music survives, it's because it fills some sort of need and my deep-seated belief that heaviness is the dullest possible metric of good music won't affect Joe Metal, nor should it. Really, if you break down any of my (or your own) genre hatreds, they're likely just a jumble of petty prejudices and personal preferences dressed up as objective criticism. So, rather than having me regurgitate why I believe that the early Motörhead weren't really a heavy metal band, let's simply admit that, all genre-babble aside, Lemmy kicks ass.

This out-of-print (and going for upwards of $350.00 on Amazon) collection combines the 1989 release, Blitzkrieg On Birmingham '77' with 1990's Lock Up Your Daughters' into one ferocious package. This is Motörhead in a crucial early phase when they were just a three-piece consisting of Philthy Phil Taylor on drum, Fast Eddie Clarke on guitar and the fearsome, guttural bass and vocals of Lemmy Kilmister.

Keep Us On the Road link is in the comments

Speaking of comments, what's your pet peeve genre?

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  1. .

    Don't for get to leave a comment about Motorhead or any the the genres they straddle.

  2. Motorhead are one of the few cross genre bands that appeal to a lot of people - Even tho i been a punk most of my life - the punk genre is the one that pisses me off the most - its punk for fucks sake - its not emo punk its not pop punk its not hardcore punk its not anarcho punk etc etc etc - its just PUNK and to quote the subhumans - "Dont pin a label on me" - even tho punk is a label itself

  3. CallPastorJerkfaceJanuary 21, 2011 at 9:09 AM

    "Really, if you break down any of my (or your own) genre hatreds, they're likely just a jumble of petty prejudices and personal preferences dressed up as objective criticism."

    This may be the single greatest sentence about music criticism (okay, I'll say it, ESPECIALLY web based music criticism) ever created.

    Actually, a person could apply this kind of thinking to more than a few aspects of their life with very benefical results...

    By the way, I think Lemmy himself is not to keen on large swathes of the metal genre, especially the parts that Motorhead get lots of love and props from (yeah, I'm looking at you Thrash!)

  4. motorhead isn't metal. motorhead is motorhead.

  5. My "petty prejudices" get stirred up fast & furious whenever I hear somebody blahblahblah-ing about the Beatles being the "greatest band ever."

    I think that's a really ignorant POV musically, especially when it's served up with loud, passionate speeches about Sgt. Pepper's and all the "groundbreaking" work the band was responsible for. Yawnzo.

    Beyond that....I don't really have an ear for any of the screamo / crunkcore bands that were popping up all over the place a year or so back....but I suppose ya can't begrudge the kids having their say....

    Great blog, btw!

  6. I have this on CD-R, but will be nice to have in digital form to hold on to for posterity (since CD-R's don't last forever). I've been a metalhead for over 25+ years, but don't take any offense when someone says the hate the genre. I rmember growing up and people telling me it "all sounded the same," even though to my ears every song was entirely different and catchy in it's own way. Now that I'm older, I see myself reflecting the same way towards rap and all sounds the same to me, but to the kids and fans, nothing sounds better. Funny how music works, but that's what makes it so great.

  7. It's just Acid meets Speed.Hawkwind To Motorhead.Clear & Simple.Muscarines

  8. Sweet Jeffen!

    I've been doing early morning relistenings of recent Motörhead offerings, since 'The Wörld Is Yours' came out, and my request was partly because of the wussiness, partly the (then) solitary Motörhead post.

    Like you, I despise most heavy metal (and many other bands, fans and genres...) but Motörhead are the band that are better than metal. (Rose Tattoo would be a distant second...)

    I can recall overhearing a conversation in high school between a (at the time) Megadeth lovin' Metalhead and the Geology teacher inquiring if he had any Motörhead performances on any of the Amnesty International's Secret Policeman's Balls albums or videos. Definitely crossed a few genres and generations there...

    Now, I'm off to find my 'Overkill' album to hear that version of 'I'll Be Your Sister'.

    ps: You can sleep assured that your bad-ass blogger credibility has been redeemed in my eyes and ears! Redeemed!

  9. I've always had a soft spot for Motorhead - admittedly not all of their albums are to my liking but the majority are. Superb as ever last time I saw them (it did help that The Damned and Girlschool were supporting of course)

    I quite like heavy metal but but to me too Motorhead don't quite fit it in that bracket.

    The new documentary on Lemmy is fantastic too!

    Cheers Jeffen :)

  10. Thanks! MOJO magazine just had a great article on Lemmy, so this a good soundtrack.

  11. UF
    It's punk, damnit.

    "Were Motorhead and we play rock n' roll."

    Glad you liked the words. As for Lemmy, I guess he didn't like those 'young' upstarts stealing his tricks.

    As a Beatles fan, the fanatics can be pretty insufferable (And none more so than the SPLHCB partisans).

    Yeah I only understand a bit about hip-hop but I leave it a wide berth to avoid turning into a crank.

    And "Speed" was the key.

    Thanks for the return of the Bad-Ass Blogger Cred, I'm sure I'll put it back in jeopardy soon enough!
    Man, I love that Rose Tattoo album when I was 12. I honestly have not heard it for 29 years.

    It's cool how Motorhead were always tight with The Damned.
    I loved Girlschool's Hit and Run when I was 12 (My Metal Year) but haven't revisited it since (though I did check out that well-done singles package).
    Have to watch that Lemmy doc soon
    P.S. Nice to have you back!

    I love digging into a nice, long Mojo article!

  12. i always hated all those names for 90s dance music -- trance-this, jungle-that, ambient-house-dub-BS. musically speaking, it all sounded like four-on-the-floor dance tracks no matter how you sliced it...

  13. Patrick "P.rick" SmithFebruary 10, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    Motorhead plays Rock 'n' Roll, thaey announce it every time they play...

    Rock 'n' Roll is for everyone...punks, heads, et al.

    BTW, they just played on Feb. 7th in Vancouver BC Canada (with Clutch) and it kicked so much ass!!

    Lemmy is Dog!!!

    I am a punk, I am a head, I love Rock 'n' Roll!

  14. If Hawkwind were the UK's major pseudo-Kraut band, and as inpiring to punk as Can et al., then the bastard offspring of their space trance-rock and punk-thrash was... Motorhead.

    ??!? ;)

  15. Very hard to find !!


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