Sunday, June 3, 2012

Joey Ramone & The Resistance: Live, 1992

Between the Ramones less-than-great Mondo Bizarro and the career-low that was Acid Eaters, Joey Ramone (more HERE) did a solo turn with another one of his all-star bands at a 1993 Rock for Choice benefit concert. It's a fascinating set list with covers of John Lennon ("Gimme Some Truth"), Sam Cooke ("Bring It Home To Me") and, in what would end up being a legacy-defining choice, a moving version of "What a Wonderful Word", long-associated with Louis Armstrong. Then there's "Fascists Don't Fuck, They Just Screw" a never-recorded attack on the the right-wing in his country (and his band!). The show was clearly meant as a statement that Joey was bigger then the Ramones and, as such, it makes you wonder would've happened if he'd gone solo at this time instead of in the final years before his untimely passing.

Track 01 Announcement
Track 02 Censorshit
Track 03 It's Gonna Be Alright
Track 04 Gimme Some Truth [J Lennon]
Track 05 Bring It Home To Me [Sam Cooke]
Track 06 Wonderful World [L Armstrong]
Track 07 Fascists Don't Fuck, They Just Screw **
Track 08 I Wanna Be Sedated *

Joey Ramone - lead vocals
Daniel Rey - guitar
Al Maddy - guitar
Andy Shernoff - bass
Joe McGinty - keyboard
Marky Ramone - drums
Dee Dee Ramone - guitar *
Joan Jett - guitar *
Backing singers are Andrea Berg, Heike Sander and Katja Eppstein **

Two questions:
Should Joey have tried a solo album earlier?
Do ya wanna hear another SLEW of Joey rarities?
That's what the COMMENTS section is for.

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  1. Readers,
    Two questions:
    Should Joey have tried a solo album earlier?
    Do ya wanna hear another SLEW of Joey rarities?

  2. Hello mu friend
    can you re-post the Fastbacks links?

    Please answer me

    Thank you very much

    Efstathiou Stathis

  3. Joey was still touring with the Ramones at the time, it would have been a mistake to release a solo album then, and I don't think he had enough songs either. Hell yeah I want more!

    1. Yeah bands who are together do put out solo albums. And maybe I've just been digging too deep into The Joey Archives but I believe he did have the material back then.

  4. Y'know, I loooove the Ramones, but didn't realize until recently how much more I love those older albums than the later ones. Joey solo is fine, but when production got cleaner and ambitions bigger -- and both of those things were inevitable and necessary, since artists should grow -- the spirit was diminished. But that band will forever be one of the all-time greats, and one of 3 that always makes me smile as soon as I hear them (the other two being Jimmie Rodgers and Jesus & Mary Chain).
    C in California

    1. I'm digging those older albums again, can't say why but I'm even considering getting Mondo Biazrro again.

  5. Thanks so much for this rare treat!

  6. I appreciate the Joey rarities and always look forward to see what you're posting. (Thanks for all the GP stuff as well.)But easy on Acid Eaters - I love that cd of covers.

    1. Okay if I'm gonna get Mondo Bizarro maybe I'll have to get Acid Eeaters too.

  7. what a pleasure!

  8. No. He had to get there on his own.

    Of course I want more, just like I want my comments to appear!

    If Joey had only done an album of children's songs...

    1. True but I'm always one to ponder lost possibilities, as you surely know.

      P.S. Have there been comment problems?

    2. It seems to be an intermittent Google services thing for me:

      I post, I see them.

      I come back later, they vanish.

      I refresh the page, I glimpse them in the comment feed.

      Annoying and strange.

      PS: You going to the Burton Cummings on Friday?

    3. That's frustrating as hell.
      Let me know if it keeps up.
      You managed to help me fix the tiny font problem on here so efficiently awhile back. I might have a few further lay-out fixing questions for you if you have some time this summer.

  9. Jeffen,
    Loving these posts, and would love to hear more Joey rarities. Thanks so much.


    1. I've got more then I even realized squirreled away - should be a good week!


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