Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ramones: Mondo Live, 1992

 All Cover Art by Jere

So, yeah, I ordered the Ramones (more HERE) album, Mondo Bizarro the other day from one of my local record stores. I'm ready. I was deeply disappointed back in '92 but over the years I've come to see the albums strengths outweighing its weakness. Other than the fact that it is obviously from 1992, I don't know the exact source of these live tracks, all from Mondo Bizarro, other than that they were recorded for radio broadcast along with an interview with Joey. The fact that they aren't playing at Loco speed, makes me suspect that this may have been recorded from a music industry gig of some sort. Enjoy!

1. Intro
2. Interview with Joey
3. Take it as it Comes (live)
4. Censorshit (live)
5. Poison Heart (live)
6. Strength to Endure (live)

What do you think of Mondo Bizarro's 
place in the Ramones discography?
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  1. Ramones-maniacs:
    What do you think of Mondo Bizarro's
    place in the Ramones discography?
    Let us know RIGHT HERE!!!

  2. Thanks for re-igniting my Ramones jones with the recent flurry of posts....looking forward to hearing this, and the Steel Reserve Sessions....keep it coming, please!

  3. The whole idea of this series was to get us all excited about the Ramones again - glads it worked!


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