Sunday, June 24, 2012

V.A. Summer Punk Crush

So on Volume One of the Summer Punk series (see HERE), we argued that the pop-punk underground better exemplifies the sounds of summer than any auto-tuned-dance-drek. As usual, I've tilted my section towards bands who admire the Ramones but I've tried to keep it mixed up a bit. Now let us continue to celebrate the forthcoming season with simple-n-loud guitars, sing-along hooks and cleverly-dumb lyrics!

(Band link = homepage, song link = YouTube) 

1.  D.I.  -  Surfin' Anarchy
This re-write of Chuck Berry's original, released as a single in 1989, is one of the highlights of these Fullerton punks' storied career.
2.  Excessories  -  Summer
A nice track form this aughts-era LA, female-fronted power-pop-punk band.

3.  Zero Boys  -  Beach Blanket Boi-Oi-Oi      
While the second album from these Indianapolis' hardcore legends fell rather flat, it starts with a rush in the form of this track.

4.  Screeching Weasel  -  First Day of Summer
I've discussed the shame and the glory of Weasel ad nauseum (see HERE) but the songs remain.

5.  Sloppy Seconds  -  I Can't Slow Down
Some diss the second Sloppy Seconds album, Knock Yer Block Off, for it's more rock sound but song-wise and lyric-wise I say it's this Indianapolis junk-rock band's best.

6.  Lemonaids  -  Summer Crush On You
A new and very fun Ramones-core band from Glasgow, Scotland who not only got a track on this volume but got a bit of their cover art pinched for it as well.

7.  Superchunk  -   Cruel Summer
Chapel Hill's Superchunk have re-emerged as the ripping band we remember and not as the intriguing, if meandering ensemble they became over the last decade. For proof, check this brand-new cover of this Bananarma song, which is the B-side of their new single, This Summer.

8.  The Breakup Society - The Summer of Jocelyn May
Phoenix power-poppers with a great track from their highly unappreciated album, James at 35.

9.  Surfin' Lungs  -  Pray for Sun
London's longest-running surf-punk band, The Surfin' Lung, keep the endless summer dream alive.

10. Even in Blackouts  -  Summer Comes
Chicagoan (and ex-Screeching Weasel memeber) Jughead spent the auights playing with this acoutstic pop-punk band who I fancy sound like a cross between Tilt and Blood on the Saddle.

11. New Bomb Turks   -  Summer Romance
Sure NBT leader Eric Davidson now calls their sound  'gunk-punk' but back in the early nineties these four guys from Columbus, Ohio had the punk underground by the throat.

12. Radio Birdman  -  Aloha Steve and Danno
Finally some Australian representation! Here, we've grabbed one of the poppier songs from the usually pummeling repertoire of this ultra-influential group.

13. White Wires  -  Summer Girl
According to Ottawa power-pop-punks, White Wires, summer girls are 'young and free' and don't listen to their parents or think about when they're gonna die.

14. Regal Beagle (ft. Joe Queer)  -   Summertime
Pretty straight-up pop-punk here with the bonus of producer Joe Queer adding his voice to this already pretty Queers-y track by this LA band.

15. Ramones  -  California Sun (live, 1978)
Since I've tagged NYC's  the Ramones as the progenitors of this so-called summer-punk thing, they needed a track like "Summer Sun" on here.

16. Helen Love  -  Long Hot Summer
The UK's Helen Love, who's dedicated her career to a twee obsession with the Ramones, ought to be a a mere curiosity but her song-writing chops belie her fan-girl-ness

17. The Last  -  Every Summer Day
Great late seventies LA surf-punk from a band who should've toured with the Barracudas.

Whew that take a lot of time indoors, while I should have been outside!
I hope you have a thought on the selection - (favourites, surprises, new-to-you things etc.) to put in the COMMENTS section!!
After all, I now have enough material for four more volumes - so if you want MORE let  us know!!!


  1. I hope you have a thought on the selection - (favourites, surprises, new-to-you things etc.) to put in THIS section!!
    After all, I now have enough material for four more volumes - so if you want MORE let us know!!!

  2. Looks cool! Can't wait to listen...

  3. Fastbacks- In The Summer
    Rocket From The Crypt- Summer Survivor
    Young Fresh Fellows- Summerland
    Young Frest Fellows- Unimaginable Zero Summer

    1. Fastbacks are on volume one

      As for YFF...

  4. Great stuff as usual guys! Much appreciated. Jack

  5. I can't say there's a bad tune in the bunch, but my favs ("Beach Blanket Boi-Oi-Oi", "Cruel Summer", "Summer Romance", "Long Hot Summer" and "Every Summer Day") all stand out - to me - by a fair margin. I don't think I would have ever thought that could happen as far as a Bananarama cover goes.

    I know this is sacrilege, but "Aloha Steve & Danno" has never been among my most loved Radio Birdman moments. Still, any Birdman (except for "Man With Golden Helmet" - ick!) is better than no Birdman. I wonder if The New Christ's have any beach blanket buzz bombs...

    Now here's the real dark chocolate heart to this whole sticky confection: The Breakup Society. My fucking word what a great band! Thanks for opening my ears once again Jeffen!


    1. Hay thanks for the detailed break-down - I'm pretty sure you'd dig James at 35 by the Break-up Society.

  6. thanks, looking forward to this

  7. Enough for four more volumes?! I can't wait! ^__________________^

  8. Your comments ensure another volume!

  9. slickee boys - let's go to the beach, now that's summer baby, some of the dictators songs like minnesota strip cry out it's summertime

  10. oh & volume 1 link is dead, so sad

  11. 1 more if you think it's appropriate, cannot remember the name of the band but song title was Surfin' on heroin


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