Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ramones: BBC Concert, 1987

I bought some kid's cassette copy of the Ramones (more HERE) Too Tough To Die for $2.00 back in 1984. He was just waving it around in the hallway looking for offers. At the time I only owned LP's of End of the Century and Road to Ruin and wasn't yet a fanatic.

Too Tough To Die was one the albums that really kicked off my never-ending Ramones bender (the other being It's Alive). While I know it is not their absolute prime, I still love the Richie era, especially TTTD and Animal Boy. This BBC concert comes from the tour for Halfway To Sanity (my least favourite of the Richie era) and finds the band racing through hits old and new in controlled fashion.

Where do you stand on  the Richie era?
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  1. Ramones-maniacs:
    Where do you stand on the Richie era?
    Let us know RIGHT HERE!

  2. thanks for all the great ramones stuff.looking forward to listening to this.

  3. Thanks for this one! I always enjoyed the Ritchie era drumming. While he was no virtuoso, his style remained more energetic and less "ho, hum" that Marky. Where Ritchie seemed to be just having fun being in the moment, Marky appeared plodding and workman-like, rather uninterested.

    1. I'm a Marky fan but I agree that Richie brought a new energy.

  4. hey ho lets go ! - great stuff, thanks a lot, ramones are always good fun !!! saw them only one time, but this is unforgotten.....

  5. Looking forward to this -- I'm kinda split on the Ritchie era, since he really REALLY got them speeded up. Some of the other live stuff I've heard from his stint sounds almost like hardcore...like the Ritz show from December '84 (did that one get posted here?) Good show, but again it's a little too fast for the songs. And that's why I'm more of a Marky-era guy, at least drum-wise, since he kept it straightforward and didn't push the pace so much....

    1. Live the tempo got out of hand but in the studio the speedier stuff really worked.


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