Saturday, June 16, 2012

Really Bad Punk Art + A Request

There's somewhat amusing Tumblr called Really Bad Punk Art (which often resembles Ramone to the Bone without the downloads). All the badness does get me to thinking about some of my less-than-brilliant cut n' paste cover art that MRML has featured over the years:

Here I  lifted a teenage pencil crayon work from Deviant Art.

Bless you, Discogs (and Paint)

Yes, as the texture suggests, that's just a cropped T-shirt.

Cropped gig-poster...

A verging-on-clever idea that I couldn't pull off, despite a serious effort.

The point?
I'll continue to muddle away making cover art, choosing to believe that I'm getting better at it, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.
HOWEVER, if there are any people out there who are talented in lay-out and design interested in creating cover (and maybe back cover) art for some of our upcoming projects you are invited to contact me at:
musicruinedmylife (at) gmail (dot) com

UPDATE: Received two generous offers of help already. I'll keep you posted on further developments.


  1. I developed a theory years ago: bad cover art = bad music. I was usually right. I used to by albums by bands I never heard of because they had good cover art. I was on unemployment a while ago, and I kept busy designing album covers for bootlegs I download. Unfortunately, being a photographer didn't mean I also had design skills lol. It was fun, and I came up with a few that were pretty decent, like your Billy Bragg/Dylan. It makes me appreciate what a talented designer can do. Thanks again for all the Ramones stuff.

  2. Yeah, muddling through cover design in my own ungainly way has rally upped my respect for graphic designers.


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