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Between back-to-school and my need to watch a chunk of the Democratic National Convention live the blog is running a bit slow. I only saw bits and pieces of the RNC: Marco Rubio seemed pretty good, Susana Martinez (who I missed) got good reviews, Mitt surpassed my exceedingly low expectation (meaning he got about a 1/10 in my book where I was expecting a 0/10). Ann Romney did what she was supposed to do (give her three Oprahs out of five) but her pretending that her and Mitt were one upon a time starving students ("We...ate a lot of pasta and tuna fish") was a loathsome and despicable  lie. Speaking of liars, marathon man Paul Ryan really knocked the stuffing out of his puffed-up reputation for seriousness all by his lonesome. And Eastood? As Jamelle Bouie said, "This is a perfect representation of the campaign: an old white man arguing with an imaginary Barack Obama."

As for the DNC, we saw some weak speeches (none come to mind but there were plenty), some middling ones (thanks, Costco guy), some strong ones (Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, Deval Patrick) and, unlike RNC we've actually seen history-making speeches, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama. The RNC had some successes at their convention but, all biases aside, the DNC are blowing them out of the water. When I say, all biases aside, I really mean it. If the RNC had fulfilled their mission, I would gladly give the the devil his due but thus far the victor is indisputable for the simple reason that the Democrats are proud of the man atop their ticket and the Republicans are not.

What's your take on the conventions up till now?


  1. Hi Jeffen-
    I didn't watch the RNC, I just read about all their lies the next day. It was insulting, they must not think that anyone reads a newspaper or news site. Bringing up Jimmy Carter? That's the best they could do?

    Did Mitt Romney give a speech? Everyone was talking about Clint Eastwood. Man, what an embarrassment.

    The only DNC I watched was about 15 minutes of Bill Clinton, and he blew away the entire RNC. I loved his theme of how the the opposing sides worked together in the past, and how uncompromising and divisive the new far right has become. Mentioning how he was proud to have worked with Reagan was a great touch, I hope a lot of undecided voters got the point. Bill's one charismatic dude.

  2. yeah, only the rebublicans lie. Keep drinkin that kool aid. democrats want brains like yours

  3. Replies
    1. Is that a new name for Clinton-loving Republicans?

  4. This site is weapons grade comedy gold.

    Thanks for the laughs. Keep it up.

    Bill Clinton: Truth teller!

    Tee hee

    1. "Bill Clinton: Truth teller!"
      I'll take Clinton's lies about his sex life over W.'s lies about WMD's (or Reagan's over Iran-Contra) any day.

    2. We're a great team, Jerry Lee!

    3. Like shootin' fish in a barrel

    4. ...dead fish in a barrel full of gelatin.

  5. Unless Barack Obama miraculously becomes a 100% White Man before the election, he's got no chance.
    This country is as divided on racial lines as it's been since the days of Brown vs The Board Of Education.

    1. I see the polarization but I believe it can't last that much longer - a mufti-racial America is already a fact.
      Obama's numbers are still looking good - don't lose hope yet.

  6. You got to admit, it takes some brass to attack a guy for what YOU did!

    1. That was your best line of the night (and there was so many to choose from!)

      Hey, say "Hi" to Hillary for me - the lady rocks!

  7. Nazz Nomad, it's not about the color of his skin. Remember, he was elected. It's about his policies and that moron Biden. If a republican had said "put ya'll back in chains" he'd be shown no mercy from the obama loving media. But he's a lib so he gets a pass. maybe this video will help explain why he is a weak prez more interested in fame and golf than leading our nation.

    1. I love false analogies (they ought be declared the official logical fallacy of the Republican Party!)
      Biden's awkward, ill-considered comment got plenty of coverage but didn't have legs because the Democrats aren't really scared of its underlying message; unrestricted corporate freedom will harm individual freedom.
      On the other hand The Republican Party are scared as hell of Akin's (not-very) underlying message; women are second-class-citizens.
      As for that video, there was probably some valid points in there about transparency etc. but since there was no EVIDENCE given, it's almost worhtless in and of itself.

    2. Oh please man, he is a liar plain and simple and weak.

      The following is a list of examples that have been cited by multiple sources as of 7/2011:

      1. Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners.-Broken

      2. End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000. -Broken

      3. End no-bid contracts above $25,000. -Broken

      4. Sign the Employee Free Choice Act (pro-union). -Broken

      5. Prevent companies in bankruptcy from giving company executives bonuses. -Broken

      6. Allow imported prescription drugs. -Broken

      7. Mandate autism treatment in insurance coverage. -Broken

      8. Close Guantanamo Bay. -Broken

      9. Double the Peace Corps. -Broken

      10. Allow 5 days for the public to read and comment on bills before signing them. -Broken

      11. Create rules against lobbying and political appointees. -Broken

      12. Urge States to treat same-sex couples with the same equality as heterosexuals in their adoption laws. -Broken

      13. Restore the Superfund program (cleans up highly polluted sites). -Broken

      14. Support a human mission back to the moon by 2020. -Broken

      15. Reduce earmarks to 1994 levels. -Broken

      16. Require a “plug-in” fleet at the White House. -Broken

      17. Recognize the Armenian genocide. -Broken

      18. No tax increases on families making less than $250,000/yr. -Broken

      19. Televise all health care reform talks on C-SPAN. – When John McCain asked Obama about this in 2010 Obama replied “the campaign is over, John” *

      20. Introduce a comprehensive immigration bill in his first year. -Broken

      21. Restrict warrantless wiretaps. -Broken

      22. Secure the borders. Obama “We need tougher border security…” Janet Napolitano later announced in 2010 that $50 million had in planned stimulus funds for border security had been diverted to other project.*a

      23. Enforce “PAYGO” rules. -Broken

      24. Sign the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. -Broken

      25. Restore habeas corpus rights for enemy combatants. -Broken
      26. Make White House communications bout regulatory policymaking public. -Broken

      27. Include sexual orientation and gender identity in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. -Broken

      28. Increase the minimum wage to $9.50/hr by 2011. -Broken

      Additional actions that went against his promises or that have hurt America.

      1. Added a war in Libya and Yemen. –Lied about stopping undeclared wars.

      2. Said we won’t be taking an active role in Libya or maintaining the “no-fly zone”. –Lied, we’ve spent over $500 million in Libya and led dozens of bombing runs.

      3. Gave $2 billion to Brazil for off-shore drilling. –Gave it to Brazil soon after the “Deepwater Horizons” oil spill and had called for halting all US drilling for environmental causes. Brazil however has a very poor record in environmental protection.

      yeah, he's awesome. individual freedom? he wants more government and he is beating a path to socialism but then you Canadians are all about that, eh?

    3. Yeah we Canadians have built a pretty strong economy that didn't collapse due to ill-considered deregulation&* and our single-payer health care system covers everybody and cost significantly less of of our GDP then your more unequal system**


      While I admire your creation of a transcript of the video, there's still no EVIDENCE (i.e. quotes of his words vs. empirical proof of the broken promise.)
      Though I'll certainly grant you some like #8 - 'Close Guantanamo Bay. -Broken' but it was the nuclear-sized hissy-fit of Republicans in regards to trials and re-distribution of prisoners that brought the closure to a halt. It's hard to move the boat when one entire group just stick their paddles into the water and refuse to work.

      Out of curiosity does this list of broken promises, granting that some of them may be fair, convince you that Romney/Ryan would create a more peaceful, accountable, prudent government?
      I mean if you're arguing for Gary Johnson with this material, I'd still disagree with you but I could certainly see where you're coming from.

      But if used in favour of Republicans, these arguments add up to little more then "we screwed up the country, you didn't fix it fast enough, so let us back in to do it all again".

    4. I am saying he has had his chance and he sucks. Tired of him not manning up and consistently blaming the previous admin for everything. There are many, many people (myself included) who voted for him and won't be fooled again.

    5. Dismissing history - the task Obama was handed and the work he did like that is verging on nihilism.
      Obama has to mention past administrations; the Bush regime was the most destructive in modern history. And that is NOT partisan - Bush's approval rating remain in the toilet and - and this is important - he did not speak AND WAS NOT SPOKEN OF - during almost the entire RNC. Clinton got center stage, even Carter got a video tribute but Bush went unmentioned because he left a debt crisis, a banking crisis, a housing crisis and two wars (one entirely unjustified).
      If a Republican president had stopped a depression, rescued the automotive industry and killed Bin Laden (and all his henchmen!), he'd be on Mt. Rushmore by now.
      If you are sincere that you once voted for Obama and will now not because of the fact that he did not live up to all his promises then please remember that Ryan-Romney will live up to their promises; to start a war in Iran,to cut top-bracket tax rates, to voucherize Medicare, to ban almost all abortions, to redefine rape and raise the Pentagon's budget. And...And...
      Whatever you think of Obama, I promise you worse, much worse, is possible.

  8. Plain and Simple Obama has to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ...back to the White House to kick some ass for the middle class!

    2. jeffen, your a cretin. stick to your mediocre posts.

    3. Nine words. Nine words bereft of honesty, decency or even the simple knowledge of capitalization and contractions. Pathetic.


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