Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Ads Just Write Themselves

While I won't deny my obvious bias, the Republican ad campaign this time around seems so weak that rather than pissing me off it just makes me feel sort of sorry for them. I mean, Romney tried to turn up the robo-charm to ten on this ad but the next day, the Democrats just drop a bomb on it:

Then they release a better, if not spectacularly so, version of the same thing:

The reason their campaign is winning is that Obama's ad team have at their disposal, not just money, expertise and passion but that they also have Mitt Romeny's own words, which weaken him like Kryptonite:

Hell, even the mostly ignorable MoveOn.Org facilitated a powerful  set of DIY political ads:

(see the rest of these heart-breaking series HERE)

Of course not everything is perfect, the NSFW "Wake the Fuck-Up" created by the Jewish Council for Educational Research with an assist from Samuel L. Jackson is a damn funny idea but just comes off as a little too hectoring for the audience in question.

And, finally, even all the good meme writers seem to be pro-Democrat, as this brilliant series that puts Mitt Romeny's words in the mouth of Arrested Development's Lucille Bluth:


  1. The Dems need to constantly hammer away at Romney's 47% remark. I'm hoping a lot of undecided voters, and maybe a few Conservatives, realize how clueless he is about what a lot of people need to do just to get by.

    1. Like depending on government cheese and phones instead of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and get a a job. Maybe Romney will hammer away at the rampant unemployment and food stamp recipients under Obummer.

    2. Jerry Lee/Anon

      Both of you have seen the video but only one of you has absorbed the message.

      Anon, Romney hates you, your family and your friends. Go ahead look at the your paycheck and the ones of those you love - he told 47% of America that they were dependent victims who will never take responsibility and care for their lives.
      This is not media spin, this is your candidate telling your he hates you and yours in crystal-clear words.
      Whatever trivia Fox, Rush and Drudge have brought up to distract you from the Republican agenda, you need to ignore it.
      Refuse to give support to the people who hate you!

    3. neffej, please do a little homework. The government cheese program ended about 20 years ago. Check Wikipedia. Do a Google search on "free cell phones from Obama". You'll get these links: and

      Please note that the Lifeline and Link-Up programs were started by the FCC during the Reagan administration.

      There are NO "maybes", Mitt Romney has very clearly stated that he's not concerned about unemployment and welfare recipients. Please read this story in Rolling Stone, and you'll realize that Romney's out for himself, and no one else. The first page alone is very damning.

      Then read the links Jeffen provided in his post "The American Conservative Catches Fire!", especially the one where John McCain's 200 page report on Romney shows that he has no positions, he's "simply unprincipled". This is NOT a man I want as my President.

    4. Thanks for the thoughtful, detailed, backed up, hysteria-free comment.

      We'll keep chipping away at the fantics...


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