Sunday, September 23, 2012


Look I'm terrible at fidding with computer gadgetry, I don't deny it. Here I thought I'd sussed out this amplifier-to-computer ripping business but something went wrong along the way and now I can't repeat the feat.

My request.

If I'm trying to get information from my receiver to my computer where I wish to store the files into Goldwave, what steps do I need to make?
I'm missing one (or two) steps and technical-minded peple who could help me through this muddle would be greatly appreciated!

Please contact me at with answers or further questions.


The Onkyo TX-850 Amp (front)

 The Onkyo TX-850 Amp (back)

The computer sound-card

The ripping program (Goldwave)

UPDATE: Thanks to my commenters, I'll try to absorb your advice and get back to you!

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