Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Vapors: Live in D.C. (1980)

The Vapors first album, New Clear Days was new-wave-mod-punk-power-pop perfection. Hit-after-mother-fucking-hit but only one, `Turning Japanese` blew up.`News at Ten`, `Waiting for the Weekend`and `Sixty Second Interval`all belong on a list of Vapors classics.  Of course you may have your own favourite off New Clear Days...

A great set with two tracks `Secret Noise`and `Here Comes the Judge` which were never recorded in the studio (TTBOMK).

01. Somehow
02. Prisoners
03. Bunkers
04. Johnny's In Love Again
05. News At Ten
06. Cold War
07. Letter from Hiro
08. Galleries For Guns
09. Waiting for the Weekend
10. Turning Japanese
11. Trains
12. America
13. Secret Noise
14. Here Comes the Judge

So, whats your favourite track from New Clear Days?
We await your word in the COMMENTS section!

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Secret Noise

Captain Oi!




  1. So, whats your favourite track from New Clear Days?
    We await your word RIGHT HERE!

  2. I have to say "Billy". It's delightfully quirky.

  3. Oh my this is awesome, "Sixty Second Interval" would probably be my favorite pick off the album, but really the whole album is solid in my book. Thanks for the live stuff, looking forward to a good listen.

  4. Actually owing to the small amount of released trax I had access to I'd say I'd be hard pressed to single out 1 fave track off either of their 2 studio albums released here in NZ in the day. It was some time later that I got all exited over the Nth American version when I found out it had diff track listing & unheard trax......THEN I splashed out on the singles for the B sides. Cheers for this bootleg m8 I appreciate ANYTHING by this (one of my all time fave bands PERIOD) under-rated band.

    1. I got one more treat coming, for my commenters!

  5. It's such a buzz to find some live Vapors! Such an underrated group. Every song couldve been a Top 10!

    Megacheers to you!

  6. 'Every song couldve been a Top 10!'

  7. The best band ever, all songs were a "10" that they ever produced. My band did a cover of waiting, see below. The Vapors are sorely missed. Thank you for these awesome uploads!!!!!


  8. Hi,

    Any chance the Vapors DC and Boston shows can be re-posted at all?

    Many thanks

  9. Any chance of a re-up of this and the other Vapors stuff (Peel Session, bootlegs etc)? They're still on the links, but the folders have been set to private so they're un-downloadable. I feel cheeky asking, but I honestly can't find any of this stuff ANYWHERE else. Thanks!


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