Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Vapors: Live in Guldford, 1981

Here's where the injustice of The Vapors' career hits its cruelest moment. Every time I listen to their fantastically unappreciated sophomore (and final!) album, Magnets I get that feeling you get when reading that part in the historical novel (say Dr. Zhivago or Cold Mountain) where our protagonists have finally found a portion of safety and even fully knowing the doom that awaits them, we hope that the mad tide of history will be stemmed by the sheer force of our will. 

Sure this album is slower, sadder and more paranoid then New Clear Days but that doesn't lessen its impact at all. The fact that the jump-out-at-you single, `Jimmie Jones` does not tower over the album like ``Turning Japanese` did with their debut gives this album a greater cohesion, even if it is a terribly claustrophobic cohesion.  The album`s new-wave-psychedelic-reggae-pop sound just shines, whether it`s the  driving rockers like 'Live at the Marquee`, and `Lenina` or the tense ballads like `Civic Hall`and `Silver Machines`, there`s not a weak second here.

The Vapors
Live at The Civic Hall
Guildford, Surrey 11.2.81
Source : FM Broadcast

Tracklisting :
01 News At Ten
02 Johnny's In Love Again
03 Sixty Second Interval
04 Jimmie Jones
05 Turning Japanese
06 Daylight Titans
07 Magnets
08 Isolated Case
09 Letter From Hiro
10 Trains
11 Live At The Marquee
12 Prisoners
13 Civic Hall
14 Bunkers

So, where do you stand on Magnets?
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  1. Hey, Vapours fans
    Did you know the last post got 70 downloads but only four comments.
    That seems a bit weak
    Let me know if you can do better here, by giving us your view on 'Magnets'.

  2. magnets have a positive and negative orientation and create a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials. impressive, aren't i? oh yeah, the tunes rock, as usual, thanks!

  3. Longtime lurker - read every column using RSS, but never comment...

    That being said - very long time Vapors fan and really appreciate these rarities! Silver Machines is in my all-time top 5 songs.

    My holy grail of Vapors items is a David Fenton solo single that I held in my hands once but couldn't purchase at the time. I've been searching for 20+ years, but have never even seen it mentioned, let alone available online. Any ideas?

  4. I have a listenable, but not great, quality mp3 version of the fenton single I can put up later.
    Check back here.

    1. Thank you!
      I took the comment out just because I wanted to do a full post.
      Full credit for the rip and scan will be given tomorrow!

  5. I have always loved Magnets, and perhaps it may be the stronger of the two albums, but I still love New Clear Days best! New Clear Days is more fun and energetic and Magnets shows the band maturing somewhat. I still listen to both with equal appreciation and adoration. Thanks for another live show!

  6. I really want to love the Vapors but, instead, I just find them okay. Something's wrong with me and I don't know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jeffen?


  7. Bunkers is one of my all-time favorites. Kudos

  8. Thanx for this live bootleg m8. For me hearing the debut album for the 1st time was a revelation & somewhat set my musical tastes off in a new direction. I remember it was just me & one other mate who progressed further than the - then - thrashed Turning Japanese single. Magnets hit me at a time where I was in the dying stages of a failing long distance romance & spoke to me like no other album has since!! I also have been searching for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING of the band & solo efforts.

  9. magnets is my preferred vapors and you can't go past silver machines. but the best vapors track ? galleries for guns. no contest

  10. Thanks Vapor-izers for all your comments, as a a salute to you we added a final post, Mr. Fenton's lone solo turn from 1983

  11. Magnets is by far the defining "new-wave" album of the era. Not one bad song on Magnets, it is a masterpiece. I wished they would have done just one more record.......

  12. The Vapors are so underrated. Every song is a masterpiece ! I have heard one live track from the New Clear Days import and would LOVE to hear more.


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