Friday, September 28, 2012

The Adverts: Top Rank, Sheffield, 1979

The Adverts (more HERE) fell apart in 1979. While I've always had a fondness for their album from that year, Cast of Thousands, it's reputation was quite bad up until this century. This '79 live show, which features just TV on inaudible guitar (Howard Pickup had just left and short-lived guitarist Paul Martinez hadn't yet joined), has circualted for some time (a version was posted over on the original Noise Addiction) and shows what a more keyboard dominated Adverts would have sounded like.

01. The Adverts
02. Back From The Dead
03. Male Assault
04. Fate Of Criminals
05. I Looked At The Sun
06. Television's Over
07. I Surrender
08. Bombsite Boy
09. New Church
10. Love Songs
11. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
12. No Time To Be 21
13. My Place
14. Cast Of Thousands
15. I Will Walk You Home
16. One Chord Wonders
17. The Adverts

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  1. Hey tell us you thoughts on Cast of Thousands:

  2. hi any chance of reposting this i had it on my hard drive which has corrupted and it has been lost Thank You-Podcarlisle

  3. thanks for this looking forward to hearing it

  4. hi just saw tv smith in berlin and (vaguely) remembered this, one of my first gigs ever... could you repost it for me please? cheers peter


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