Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Adverts: Outtakes & Rehearsals, 1977-1978

The Adverts (more HERE), as befits as band who's critical stature has grown so much over the years, have been heavily bootlegged. If you readers out there can continue to fill up the COMMENTS section, I will continue to fill up your hard drive with unavailable Adverts stuff. My goal in so doing is, of course to try to convince you to  buy the available albums ( I personalty own Crossing The Red Sea, The Wonders Don't Care and Anthology and I'm going to buy Cast of Thousands again soon) and to check out the amazing solo works of Mr. TV Smith.

A1         One Chord Wonders        
A2         Newboys        
A3         Quick Step        
A4         We Who Wait        
A5         Bored Teenagers        
A6         Great British Mistake        
A7         Bombsite Boy        
B1         I Surrender        
B2         Love Songs        
B3         Fate Of Criminals        
B4         Male Assault        
B5         The Adverts        
B6         My Place        
B7         Television's Over 

Back sleeve states:
"Side 1 - first five tracks are the 'Basement Tape' - a very rare tape from '77 recorded in their rehearsal room when The Adverts were still developing their unique sound, this tape was shopped around to many labels in '77 to get them a record deal while tracks 6 and 7 are rough mixes from the 'Crossing The Read Sea'.
Side 2 is made up entirely from 'Cast Of Thousands' out takes which sounded more raw and punk than when the LP came out" 

Hey Advert-tarians, give us a word or two on 
these rarities in the COMMENTS section!

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  1. Thanks Advert-arians for all your COMMENTS thus far.
    Surely this beautiful-packaged rarity is worth a word or two as well...

    P.S. This upload is in MP4, if that format is annoying just use something like Switch Sound Audio Convertor to turn it into MP3's.

  2. very interesting. Especially like the cast of thousands out takes.I don't think there exists a bad version of "Televisions Over". The mixes though seem a bit bass heavy; adequate as she was, I don't think Gaye is lead bass material somehow.

  3. This is brilliant mate.thanks very much.ill d/l when I get home from work tonight.not that I'm spending my work day looking at blog posts,no sir!

  4. thanks! i love them but i don't own this

  5. Great! Thanks, don't have it either!

    Wonder if there are any opinions regarding T.V. Smith's Explorers' "Last Words of the Great Explorer." Sounds a bit dated now, but still some good things on it. I see a new re-ish has just come out.

    1. It is fantastic.

      Sure there's 80's keyboards but the songs are amazing.

      Buy without hesitation!

  6. excellent, more adverts, i want to know where i can get a reproduction of the damned / adverts 77 poster, "damned can play 3 chords, adverts can play 1, hear all 4" any idea

  7. Looks very interesting,great...thanks

  8. Looking forward to listening to this. Love the Adverts and TVs solo stuff: some of the intervening stuff is a little overproduced/ 80s to my ears but..

  9. ive commented before but fuck me that was so much better than i expected, excellent stuff, very raw and great quality

  10. Top band , songs as relevent today as way back then! Cheers , Paul (Manchester)

  11. I'm another who didn't have this... It's bloody great too. Thanks a lot Jeff.

    Thanks for your great response to the Adverts stuff - don't worry we'll keep the TV on!

  13. Great stuff, thanks.

  14. I can't find this anywhere else - could you please repost it.

    Many thanks - great blog, I've just discovered it.


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