Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gospel-Punk Ex-plosion: Jerry Jerry's Mind

"Everybody's gotta believe in something, no matter how stupid, destructive or wrong; case in point, Aleister Crowley."
Jerry Jerry

Aquarius Records re-released Battle Hymn in 1990 but it went nowhere. So Jerry and co, hunkered down to create 1992's Don't Mind If I Do. The third-album Mellow-Out is in full-effect here, as Jerry's manifests his Sinatra- aspirations (see "Grandiose", "Skin" et al). Thankfully, there is a passel of sarcastic rockers here such as "The Ballad of Jon Card" (celebrating the former D.O.A. and S.N.F.U. drummer), "How Can People be So Wrong" "Banner Day and the fine country novelty song, "No Ass Tattoos in Heaven".

Jerry Jerry - No Ass Tattoos in Heaven

So, while this is not a jazz record after all, it might be the closest MRML ever gets to one.

Download Don't Mind If I Do CD

P.S. Big thanks are due to JohnnyOutThere for providing the rip.


  1. Just wanted to mention that the track 'Just a big kid over year' is damaged or incomplete. Perhaps it can be re-ripped. Hoping. Thanks for the album. So great.

  2. I'll ask Johnny and we'll see...

  3. how many arms does jerry slag have?


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