Friday, April 3, 2009

Mess-ieur Wreckless

Wreckless Eric has stuck to his guns. Those guns, his chugga-chugga guitar and his garbled vocals, are like old flintlock muskets: crude, noisy and deadly at close range.

Following the premature death of the Len Bright Trio, Wreckless Eric, by then dry and living in rural France, put out Le Beat Group Electrique with Catfish Truton (drums) and André Barreau (bass) in 1989. LBGE bit were almost as grimy and roughshod musically as the LBT but with less noise-for-noise’s-sake and more sharp song-writing. Eric sounds like a ramshackle Buddy Holly on tunes like "Tell Me I'm the Only One", while "Sarah" is Dylan-esque put-down that sounds somewhere between the early Beatles (hopped-up in Hamburg era) and Van Morrison (circa his early work with Them). At one point, he channels Lou Reed on “Just For You” but not until putting a Wreckelss pop spin on mental illness, with the ironically chipper-sounding "Depression".

Listen to this album, all 32:17 of it, and you'll be struck by how fearless Eric is; he remains unbowed and well-armed.

{Thanks to MRML readers for the landslide of comments in favour of greater Wrecklessness.
Now please leave us a comment on Le Beat Groupe Electrique or your angle on Wreckless Eric's highs and lows or whatever the hell else strikes you.

Download Le Beat Group Electrique S/T L.P.

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(Sigh. Ever get the feeling you were born in the wrong place, at the wrong time?)


  1. Hello

    It's gonna be a Wreckless weekend...... :-D

    Remember seeing him her in Stockholm about 1979, if I remember right. He wasn´t sober neither was I...... :-D. Parts of the show was broadcasted on Swedish radio some weeks later.

    Best wishes from Sweden.

  2. Damn.. great stuff! Love Wreckless!

  3. This is so awesome! I've been looking for this one forever. Thanks!

  4. Many thanks for Eric.Did he have an LP in 1990 called at the shop???

  5. "(Sigh. Ever get the feeling you were born in the wrong place, at the wrong time?)"

    Not really. But sometimes I realize that I missed out on some things. Like spectacular shows that I didn't attend, or awesome LPs/Cds that I wasn't even aware of. Fortunately, your blog gives me a chance to make up for that. So thanks again for a great post. This will keep me going for a while!

  6. Thanks, this one is one I was never able to find.

  7. Artside

    Perhaps I should re-name the site Music Wrecked My Life for the weekend.


    Amen, damnit.


    It's amazing how much of the man's catalog came out on tiny, now-deceased indies. One day these will be re-issued...


    I think you're gonna like tomorrow's post.

    Sorry but I have that thought every time I see a gig posters from that era - so many bands I'd have killed to see in their prime and often all sharing a bill.

    That said, I'm delighted to help you, and anyone else who will listen, catch up on what we missed (or re-live what that which is dimly remembered, as the case may be).


    You're welcome -thanks for leaving some words.

  8. Sweet! I didn't even know this album existed! Many thanks!

  9. RoyPearl

    This is one of those releases that I read about in the Trouser Press but until this damn internet age came along could never hear.

  10. Thank you so much for all the Wreckless Eric, especially this album. I was forced to sell my record collection during a period of extreme poverty once and this was one of the casualties. I've been looking for this for years. So happy to find your blog.

  11. kit
    glad to help you reconnect with your lost collection, especially this one which is damn rare.

  12. Don't how I missed this one when you posted it... Still, the good news is I found it with a google blog search, so many belated thanks.

  13. This is still from my early day, glad you found it anyways.


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