Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gospel-Punk Ex-plosion: Jerry Jerry's Sound

"A part of me felt Like Elvis, it was not a large part."
Jerry Jerry

Jerry ended his recording career and his contract with Aquarius with a 1997 solo album named The Sound and the Jerry. It's truth in packaging, as the record is the sound of a very solo Jerry sans his Sons of Rhythm Orchestra. The loss is palpable. While there are a slew of witty moments herein and some nice raw guitar, Jerry needs a co-writer and a full band to really shine. That said, Jerry's never less then entertaining and fans of his early work will find plenty to grin about on this album, whether it's the hockey ballad, "Balloons" Jerry's talkin' blues-rap,"I'm Smart"or the children's science lesson that is "Venus".

Jerry Jerry - Venus

P.S. Big thanks are due to CallPastorBob for the cover scans, though he does not wish this to be seen as offering his approval of the album in question.

Download The Sound and the Jerry CD


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  2. Thanks so much for posting this I have the record but no turntable,and Im so thrilled to hear it again.Thanks,you are ruining my life too.

  3. Glad to ruin lives via the madness of Jerry Jerry - glad you enjoyed!

  4. downloaded, now i'm getting my glad-rags on...

  5. Crowndominant

    Thanks for taking the time to leave some words behind on each of these jerry jerry posts - hope you enjoy it all!

  6. Any chance of putting the link back up? Ive been looking for this album for so long. Contacted the man himself to buy his complete back catalog to no avail. J2 is a true Canadian great.


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