Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bruce Springsteen: We Take Care of our Own (2012)

Though I do love Springsteen a tiny bit more each day I'm on this earth, I'm no uncritical fan. I would argue that, while he's never released a terrible Self-Portrait-like album, he's had enough critic-proof middling albums that new releases can be met with some skepticism. That said the lead-off single to the forthcoming Wrecking Ball, "We Take Care of our Own" sounds melodic, triumphant and like a big middle finger to the religion of Republicanism still  gripping his land (and by extension much of our world). Rock on Bruce!

(Watch on YouTube)

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  1. Well you and Brucie can go fuck yourselves.....elitist little bastard.....and yes, this is anon....I've seen what "liberals" can do to others when the way, this is what you wanted isn't it?

  2. Love "anonymous" douche-baggery on the weekend internets.

  3. Love "weekend "cocksuckery" and people showing just how stupid they are AND, telling us WHO they are!

  4. Dear Troll

    I'm all for political debate with those who do on hide behind safe anonymity and crude invective.

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  5. Gee, that wee troll sure has a potty mouth!My late WW II vet father would often say 'Didn't we beat those ******s in the 1940s'.Unfortunately

  6. Hey, i love Bruce so much, but this is the same old shit which got me thinking yesterday, he has nothing worth saying, he hasn't been relevant since "The Rising" (Radio Nowhere was a great song though) and he's better off retiring. I repeat, i love Bruce's music but he's an elitist so anybody that promotes his new shit helping him retire even richer can fuck themselves, musicruinedmylife included.

  7. Dear Troll,
    See how in the first half you tried to construct a comment that might've made for a discussion but then you panicked at the sight of your own rationality and reverted to telling anyone who disagreed with your highly subjective opinion to go 'fuck themselves." We all have opinions but personally attacking those with whom you just happen disagree with is less than worthless.

  8. I think that Super Dome line could have been dropped since the people were left stranded and starving in head and hurricane waters after Katrina. Did not take care of our own that day!

    1. I took that to be part of the double-meaning 'take care of'

  9. Was fortunate enough to see him in Nashville a few years back -- incredible showman!


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